Pied A Terre in London (Birleşik Krallık - London - Holland Park)

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  • We were very comfortable in our guest's flat. It is very nice and has the ideal location to visit London. Stefano e Valeria

  • Wonderful New Year´s stay in London

    We spent a week in your very comfortable appartment and went all around London. There are buses going straight to Central London and the tube just a walk away, as well as supermarkets and a huge shopping mall. Margaret gave us all the information needed to find the house without any problem and to feel good in the appartment. Everything worked out very well and we loved this place :-) We also found our own appartment in Berlin in perfect condition when we came back. All in all, a very positive exchange experience. Thank you, dear Margaret and Alan!

  • A gave this exchange to my son and family .

  • London winter

    When many people suggested that winter in London may not be a good idea, we had visions of rain, rain, more rain. But the weather was just fine for us with the only problem of a hot day - in February! Your flat was always warm and welcoming to us at the end of each day's exploring the city and outlying towns. May I suggest an update of your information folder? Perhaps using some bolding, underlining or capitals for the different sections would help us find information more easily. Thank you again for your warm welcome and swap. Barb and Inga


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