Lugano lake and mountain view

İsviçre - Ticino - Lugano Massagno

Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,view from balcony
View from balcony
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,view from balcony
View from balcony
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,Living room next to kitchen and dining tabel
Living room next to kitchen and dining tabel
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,scriptorium
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,view from balcony in wintertime
View from balcony in wintertime
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,view from San Salvatore over Lugano
View from San Salvatore over Lugano
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,downtown Lugano lakeside promenade
Downtown Lugano lakeside promenade
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,Cardada above Locarno
Cardada above Locarno
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,Park lakeside Lugano and view at Mt Salvatore
Park lakeside Lugano and view at Mt Salvatore
Home exchange country,Switzerland,Lugano Massagno,House photos, home images
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Degisim için önerdigimiz ev hakkinda

Apartmenthouse with 20 flats. Apartment is in the third floor with a nice view over the town, the Lago di Lugano and the two nearest mountains of Lugano, Mt. Bre and Mt. Salvatore, both with a funiculare up to the summit. Apartment size 85 qm. It has 3 rooms: Livingroom, bedroom with double bed (160X200) and homeoffice with WLAN and bed, one bathroom plus a separate WC. The apartment is ok for parents with one child not more. The railway station is within 10 minutes walking distance. There is a direct train to Milan, Bellinzona (World Cultural Heritage) and Varese (Monte Santi World Cultural Heritage) and to the airport Malpensa/Milan/Italy. Next bus stop with regular connection to the center of Lugano is within 50 m from the house. But there is also a nice walkingway downtown ( 15 min). You don't need a car. There are bus connections to all villages in the surrounding mountains . Lugano has a nice promenade along the lake, follwed by the parco Ciona, a little harbour and the Lido. Lake Lugano is close to Lago Maggiore and Lake Como.


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In our house you will find families with children from baby up to teenagers. People are talking in general Italian, but almost everybody knows at least a bit one other languages. On the house entrance side is the Piazza Santa Lucia, where Massagno makes once a while a small festival for the local people. Close by here (1-3 minutes) is a kiosk, a pharmacy, a cafe bar and a restaurant. In the near by 4 star hotel Villa Sassa is a luxury Spa, which ist open for paying guests. The short distance (7 min walk) to the station Lugano with a stop of most of the bus lines. The restaurant in the station makes the best Pizza. There is a food shop in the station, which is always open. The Swiss carsharing Mobility has his car fleet also at the station. The train to the airport Mailand-Malpensa runs every hour from the station.

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  • Frin
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  • Eczane


Evimizde kalirken gitmek için yerler ve şeyler için ipuçlari

You can walk downtown within 15 minutes without traffic. Bus takes you to centre within 7 minutes. Downtown you will find everything what you expect in an Swiss town with Italian flair. If you are interested in an Outlet you may go to Foxtown in Mendrisio ( 15 min. S-Bahn to Mendrisio, open every day form 11am ). There you will find more brand shops than you can watch within two full days. You can climb on our two backyard mountains, the Mt Bre and the Mt Salvatore or you may go comfortably by cable car on the mountaintop. On both of the tops is a nice restaurant with beautiful view, on a clear day up to the Monte Rosa Group 4600m. A ship will bring you during the summertime to all the little towns at the lake. Our favourite building of the famous architect Botta is the chapel on the Mt. Tamaro, but you fill find a lot of buildings from Botta and his students in and around the town. In summertime Lugano organizes a Jazz - Blues festival. With a little train you can go in 20 Minutes to the Italian market in Ponte Tresa on Saturdays. If you want to visit a huge Italian market, you have to go on Wednesday from Ponte Tresa further to Luino, which is at the Lago Maggiore. Our personal main attraction is walking in the beautiful nature and visit the towns around here. After 30 years in Lugano, we still are exploring new places. We have put together a booklet with our favourite places with photos and plans. You will find it on the table when you arrive.

En begendigimiz restoranlar

  • Manor Restaurant
  • Bahnhofsrestaurant
  • Lanchetta

Kafe ve Barlar

  • Tango Bar, Piazza Riforma
  • Vanini, Piazza Riforma

Özel alisveris yerleri

  • Parco Ciona
  • Via Nassa
  • Foxtown

Bos vakitler ve kültürel etkinlikler

  • LAC, Lugano Centro Arte e Cultura

Yürüyüs ve kosu parkurlari

  • Lugano - Gandria
  • Cademario - Arosio
  • Carona - Morcote

Saglikli yasam kulüpleri

Ilginç günlük geziler

  • Bellinzona, Word Cultural Heritage
  • Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore
  • Como, Lago di Como


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We aren't beach potatoes and like big cities and foreign cultures. We have TV but prefer to watch films with the beamer of our home cinema. A permant Internet connection is important for us. Our DVDs are in English, German and Italian. To be in walking distance from any kind of public traffic is good for us.

Our neighbours in the house are quiet people and don't disturb us with loud music - so don't we. There shouldn't be washing in the balcony, and never put stuff in front of the entrance door. The housewifes keep the common used washkitchen painstakingly clean.


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