Beautiful home in Waddinxveen Netherlan

Hollanda - Zuid-Holland - Waddinxveen

Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Our living room with big sofa and tv.
Our living room with big sofa and tv.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Our dining table with 6 chairs and a child chair.
Our dining table with 6 chairs and a child chair.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,The kitchen including a 5 pits Stove and big oven.
The kitchen including a 5 pits Stove and big oven.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,The stove and oven. Preserving jars on shells.
The stove and oven. Preserving jars on shells.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Living and dining room together.
Living and dining room together.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Tv corner.
Tv corner.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Part of the dining room and corner of kitchen.
Part of the dining room and corner of kitchen.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Closet with kitchen equipment on the right.
Closet with kitchen equipment on the right.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Kitchen in our beautiful home.
Kitchen in our beautiful home.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Bathroom with laundry baskets.
Bathroom with laundry baskets.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Walk in shower with rain shower.
Walk in shower with rain shower.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Modern nursery with bed, chair, toys and closet.
Modern nursery with bed, chair, toys and closet.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Safe and clean bed with Airosleep in the nursery.
Safe and clean bed with Airosleep in the nursery.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Chest of drawers in nursery. Baby supplies present
Chest of drawers in nursery. Baby supplies present
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Garden house view.
Garden house view.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Lounge set in the garden. Cosy place to relax.
Lounge set in the garden. Cosy place to relax.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Lounge seat.
Lounge seat.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Extra, smalle lounge seat for 2 people. Sunny spot
Extra, smalle lounge seat for 2 people. Sunny spot
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Electric outside BBQ. Works on gas.
Electric outside BBQ. Works on gas.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Garden view by night. Hammock and electric lights.
Garden view by night. Hammock and electric lights.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Outside dining table for minimum of 4 people.
Outside dining table for minimum of 4 people.
Home exchange country,Netherlands,Waddinxveen,Outside dining table.
Outside dining table.
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Our home is a beautiful, modern, clean and organised 3 story House in Waddinxveen. Our city is only 15 minutes away by car from the famous cheese city Gouda. You can reach other cities, like Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag with the car or train in approximately 30 minutes.

Our house is suitable for maximum of 4 adults and 1 (young) child. The house is in a quit, green and lovely neighberhoud with supermarket om a 5 min walking distance.

Ground flour
You enter our house through the front door into the hallway. You will find a seperate toilet and a place to store your jackets and shoes. The stairs to the 1st floor is also in the hallway, next to the organised pantry that is full of products you can use. Open the door to our living room and you will enter a light, sunny space with big windows on each side, modern furniture and lots of plants. Our dining and living room is 1 space and oud kitchen is build in the extention. You will find a fully equipt kitchen with evertything you need to cook a lovely meal. We have a big stove that runs on gas with 5 gas burners and a big oven. Also a fridge with freezer. Because we love to eat healthy and cook a lot, there is a lot of stock that you can use for cooking. Herbs, oils and preserving jars with everything you need for breakfast and cooking.

Open the door to our lovely garden that we call 'Small Ibiza'. Our garden is equipped to relax and enjoy life. Relax in one of the two lounge sets, eat at the outside dining table or chill in our hammock. Light the elextric BBQ and fire up some food. Our garden lights switch on automatically through a timer. You can adjust the timer very easy if needed. Our garden faces south-west, so it can get nice and hot. You can use the umbrella to enjoy the shade. In the summer we also hang up our shade cloth our the dining table.

At the back of our garden there is a small shed with bycicles and an extra fridge with freezer. You can exit and enter the garden througt the door that opens in the port.

First floor

Toilet and extra room
Walk up the stairs and enter the first floor that begins in the hallway. Immidiately at your left you will find a (very!) small, seperate toitet. Perfect for night visits. Next to that is our 'extra room' that stores all of our shoes and extra jackets etc. In this room you will also find the massage table, that you can use.

Master Bedroom
There are two bedrooms on this floor. On the left the master bedroom with a extra large King size Swiss Sense boxspring bed (200 x 200). In this room we also have a build in closet and a big dresser with space for your clothes.

The bedroom right, next to the master bedroom, is the nursery. In this nursery you will find everything you need to take care of your child or baby. We have a crib, rocking chair, big closet and a dresser with changing pad.

On the right you will find our small, but beautiful and efficient bathroom. We have a walk in rain shower that is bigt enough for 2 people. Soft, big towels and a automatic ventilation system that can be turned on by only pressing a button.

Second floor

Laundy room
When you walk up the stairs to the second floor, you find our laundry room with washing machine and dryer. We also have a washing line that hangs permanent. Very easy to use and dry your clothes!

Extra bedroom / Computer room
On the left you will find our extra bedroom with a queen size bed. We also use this room to computer and watch movies. You have free access to the computer to surf. There is a guest account you can use.

Storage room
On the right you will find our storage room and litter box for our cat.

All of the windows (except the small room on the first floor) have sunshades that you can use with an electric system. Just turn the switch and the shades will do the rest.


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Our neigherbood is green, calm and kid friendly. You will find a lot of playgrounds for kids, but far away enough not to get bothered by it. We live in a residential area with houses build in the 1960's. There is a mix of younger families and other couples that live in our neigherhood. A big supermarket, called Albert Heijn, is only 5 minutes away walking distant. Pharmacy is only 3 minutes walking distance. For the other shops and bakery you can visit the centre of Waddinxveen, called Gouweplein. You can visit the canal with terraces on the side next to the Hefbrug that is 15 minutes walking distance.Tip: Visit the bigger city Gouda by car in 15 minutes and drink and eat something on the market.

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From our house it is a short walk (15 min) to the centre of Waddinxveen. You will find restaurants and a lot op shops. Visit the restaurants on the waterside, next to the Hefbrug and watch al the boats get by. Supermarkt is a 5 minute walk.

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It is important to is that we find our house clean when we come back. We are very clean and organised and take very good care of our home. We expect the same from our guests.


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