Charming home in Westerlo, ANTWERP (Belgium)

Belçika - Antwerpen - Westerlo

Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Part of our garden
Part of our garden
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,During summer hot airballoon’s regularly fly over
During summer hot airballoon’s regularly fly over
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Home sweet home <3
Home sweet home <3
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,From our backyard
From our backyard
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,You can sit & relax in our sunny garden
You can sit & relax in our sunny garden
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Abbey in Tongerlo, Westerlo (on walking distance)
Abbey in Tongerlo, Westerlo (on walking distance)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Our kitchen
Our kitchen
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Also part of the kitchen
Also part of the kitchen
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Enjoy our fully automatic coffee machine
Enjoy our fully automatic coffee machine
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,City hall Westerlo
City hall Westerlo
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Livingroom with airco
Livingroom with airco
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Flatscreen TV with Netflix + PS4
Flatscreen TV with Netflix + PS4
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Avonturenberg in Beringen (25 min drive)
Avonturenberg in Beringen (25 min drive)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,One of the airco's
One of the airco's
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Restored Mill in Tongerlo (on walking distance)
Restored Mill in Tongerlo (on walking distance)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Totterpad (adventure path in nature 18min driving)
Totterpad (adventure path in nature 18min driving)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Our daughter's bedroom with airco
Our daughter's bedroom with airco
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Our son's bedroom with airco
Our son's bedroom with airco
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Also our son's bedroom
Also our son's bedroom
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Mollie and Onyx with our son
Mollie and Onyx with our son
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Lommelse sahara (35 km drive)
Lommelse sahara (35 km drive)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,Sahara in Lommel, Limburg (35 km drive)
Sahara in Lommel, Limburg (35 km drive)
Home exchange country,Belgium,Westerlo,C-Mine in Genk is also a visit worth!
C-Mine in Genk is also a visit worth!
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18 Şub 2023 - 25 Şub 2023 Heryere açik
1 Nis 2023 - 9 Nis 2023 Heryere açik
1 Tem 2023 - 31 Ağu 2023 Heryere açik
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* We're happy to talk about 2023 *

We live in a very pleasant house with a tropical garden. Everything is on the ground floor with all comfort!
On one side of the house there is a master bedroom and two other bedrooms. All with airco.
In total we have 4 sleeping places (suitable for adults), but if you travel with a baby/toddler we can easily set up an extra baby's traveller bed.
There is also a bathroom with shower, bath and a second toilet.
On the other side of the house we have our kitchen and living room with view on the nice large garden (with some children's playing equipment and a large trampoline). Our home is south oriented, so in summer you can enjoy the sun all day long!
We also have a room for laundry.


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Semtimiz ve çevremiz hakkinda

Westerlo is a village located in the Belgian province of Antwerp. We realy love to live here. It is a friendly neighbourhood and there are a lot of green parks and forests. It is a real paradise if you like to cycle or walk.
Within walking distance you have several shops, including a bakery, a butcher, a supermarket, ... .
There is a bus station in our street, but a car is convenient.

We have an easy acces to the highway. It is also a central place to visit all the famous cities in Belgium, like:

- Antwerp (within 30 minutes driving)
- Brussels (within 50 minutes driving)
- Hasselt (within 30 minutes driving)
- Genk (within 40 minutes driving)
- Ghent (within 1h10 driving)
- Bruges (within 1h45 driving)
These cities are also nice for shopping and sightseeing!

When you love big shopping mall's you can also easily go to:
- Wijnegem Shopping Center ( in Antwerp
- Maasmechelen Village Designer Outlet Center ( in Maasmechelen (70 km driving)

One of the benefits of living here is that you can experience the city, but also the tranquility of the countryside.
Belgium is world-famous for its chocolate, waffles and beer.

It is also nice to do some daytrips to The Netherlands or Germany (both within less than 1 hour driving).

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  • Frin
  • Bakkal
  • Eczane
  • Süpermarket


Evimizde kalirken gitmek için yerler ve şeyler için ipuçlari

There are a lot of historical/cultural sights to visit. For example you can visit our restored mill or go to the Abbey in Tongerlo (with a work from Da Vinci).
Once a week there is also a local market in the center of our village. All on walking distance.

Kids will love the various amount of playgarden's (both indoor and outdoor). We also have a couple of petting zoo's nearby. We can give you a lot of advice for activities to do since we have two kids aged 5 en 9 years old. We also have a lot of toys for children like Playmobil, dolls, books, ... .

In the center we also have a nice swimming pool with a lazy river in it :-). When you love sports it is also nice to see a match of our soccer team (

For more information please visit:

En begendigimiz restoranlar

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Bos vakitler ve kültürel etkinlikler

Yürüyüs ve kosu parkurlari

Saglikli yasam kulüpleri

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Nelerden hoşlanırız, hoşlanmayiz, ev kurallarimiz

We will take care of your house as our own, and expect the same from you.
We have 4 chickens in our garden. This does not require much work. Daily checking their grain and ensure that the water container is full. On the other hand, they reward you with some delicious fresh eggs :-). We also have two adorable cats, Mollie & Onyx. They are absolutely not shy and are used of having kids around. They often go outside on their daily trip or just enjoying the sunshine, so it's not necessary to do the litter box every day; 1-2 times a week is fine ;).
We love pets and are happy to take care of them!


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