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Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,Our house-part has solar panels
Our house-part has solar panels
Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Germany,Gmund am Tegernsee,House photos, home images
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6 May 2022 - 28 May 2022 Frankreich | Italien | Europa


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Our charming home is in walking distance to Lake Tegernsee, in the foothills of the Alps, an easy 50 km drive south of Munich and very close to Austria. Our area boasts beautiful scenery with many lakes and mountains to hike. You will be able to experience Bavarian traditions and will find a wealth of things to see and do, be it to enjoy superb gastronomy, visit exciting museums or take a short trip to Salzburg.
Our home is surrounded by a nice garden with flowers and trees on three sides. There is a pond with fish next to a fire-place (and wood to burn) and a terrace with a large table to dine outside facing the south side. There is an annex on the north side of our house where our son and his family live. The houses are built in a way that you will always have your privacy.
Besides the basement (with guestroom and bath and sauna) and attic there is a ground floor and a first floor. On the ground floor you will find a modern and new kitchen with all appliances you might wish for, an adjoining pantry, an office, a half bath, a dining room and adjoining living room with a gas fireplace. The first floor has a master bedroom and three smaller bedrooms, two bathrooms and a half bath. It also has a nice and long balcony on which you can sit and enjoy the view.


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Our son and family live in the adjoining part of the house. They speak German, English and Japanese and can advice with the house and any problems you might encounter. Their daughters are 4 and 6 and speak German and Japanese. Although they might be quite happy about making friends with other children (and we would not mind at all to have children stay at our house) we want to say that the pond might be a danger if young children are in the garden all by themselves.
The house is situated in walking distance to shops and is easy to get to. Yet, it is in a rather quiet area without much traffic. Our neighbors are friendly. There are families and older people. Some do not live there all the time.
There is a bus station three minutes from the house. The buses do not run too often, though. The train station is five minutes from the house (walking). We recommend taking the train into Munich as it runs once or twice an hour, and you arrive right in the center after a 55-minute ride and avoid expensive parking fees.

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There are all basic shops and more in walking distance: baker, butcher, pharmacy, supermarkets, fashion, etc. The lake and a lakefront walk with an attractive playground by the water are in walking distance. So is the train station, two ferry boat stations, two public swimming areas and some nice restaurants. From the house you can take hikes and find attractive bike routes. If you take the car, there are numerous attractions within 15 km: More lakes and beaches, mountain hikes and tramways, a cheesery, a distillery, gourmet restaurants, several breweries, beergardens, outdoor and indoor museums and galleries (art, history, nature, etc.), several golf courses and much more. Within 50 km you can get to Munich, to more lakes, swamps with board walks, charming small towns, Austria, and so much more.
In winter, you have the theater and opera season and wonderful closeby ski areas and cross country skiing. Spring is the same with more skiing and often warm days. Summer invites you to swim in the lakes, do hiking and biking and golfing and especially go to the many "Waldfeste", Bavarian fests everywhere. Fall means a clear view in the mountains and therefore best hiking conditions. Our area is really attractive all year round, for young and old.

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We will treat your home as if it was ours and expect you to do so, too. We appreciate mindfulness and would like to find our property in the same state as we left it in.
If you can we would be happy if you could water the flowerbed outside and very few plants inside.


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