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Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,Parco Pettini Burresi accanto a casa
Parco Pettini Burresi accanto a casa
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,Giardino dell'Orticoltura, 10 min walk
Giardino dell'Orticoltura, 10 min walk
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,Il nostro quartiere, il fiume Mugnone
Il nostro quartiere, il fiume Mugnone
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,La collina di Fiesole
La collina di Fiesole
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,Sala da pranzo
Sala da pranzo
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,Ingresso
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,House photos, home images
Home exchange country,Italy,Firenze,House photos, home images
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7 Ara 2022 - 11 Ara 2022 Veneto, Italia


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The flat consists of two bedrooms, a small study with a sofa bed, a kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms. In the children's room there are two beds that can also accommodate two adults. The flat is on the third floor without a lift. Two cats live with us and can possibly be housed at our grandmother's, which is their holiday home.
The house is located in the Cure district, in a very green and cosy area, where many families and students live. The district is located between the centre of Florence and Fiesole, one of the most beautiful hills in Tuscany. The city centre can be reached with a 20-minute walk, by bus (10 min), bicycle or scooter. Fiesole can also be reached on foot, about a 1-hour walk, or by bus (15 min).
Next to the flat there is a public park equipped with children's games, picnic tables, olive trees and a small basketball court. In the neighbourhood there are shops, bars, restaurants and cafes and a farmers' market every morning. This area is very interesting for experiencing Florence from the point of view of its inhabitants and not being overwhelmed by the city's tourist vocation, which risks erasing aspects of the city's culture in the name of the profit offered by mass tourism.


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We live in a green area, inhabited by families and students from the European University Institute. Near the house there is a beautiful park, with children's games, trees and space for picnics. Then there are shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, and even a supermarket.

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There is a farmers' market every morning in the district square, where you can also choose typical Tuscan fish, meat or cold cuts. For those who are vegerarian or vegan (yay!) there is an excellent restaurant open for lunch and dinner. A few steps away is a fantastic pastry shop, where you can have breakfast or a 5 o'clock tea (or beer). From the house you can walk to the beautiful hills of Fiesole and Settignano, and again from the house it's a 15-minute walk to the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo, Piazza Santissima Annunziata and other historical sites.


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We have a lot of trust in the people with whom we exchange homes. Of course we are happy to return the house as clean as we left it and to hear from our guests how they found it.


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