Apartamento segunda residencia. (Spanien - Principado de Asturias - Llanes, 0k,)

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  • A most beautiful Xchange, a wonderful family

    Thanks and thanks again to the Macaya family! Not only we had our kid hosted by them in the beautiful historical town of Burgos, sweetly loved and cared for, as a member of the family, so that he didn't mean to come back..... But we also had in use their most comfortable apartment on the Asturian Coast that was a great surprise! A little historical village full of tradition and art, facing more than 30 huge, white, sandy beaches, while high mountains are just behind you. Any kind of sport, any kind of excursion, any kind of meal or nightlife can be done in Llanes. And yet, the spot is not crowded and life is not expensive. A true paradise for exchangers of any age. A most agreeable holiday for us. As for the Macaya family, a great friendship we hope will last long. Thank you

  • todo perfecto!

    Tout était parfait!


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