Large-Central Family Home in Budapest

Hongarije - Budapest, 0k, NE

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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,Sommer flowers in the corridor at our flat
Sommer flowers in the corridor at our flat
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,Red arrow where we live
Red arrow where we live
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,Chuch at the "corner", St.Steven Basilica
Chuch at the "corner", St.Steven Basilica
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,our 3 windows
Our 3 windows
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,atrium inside the house
Atrium inside the house
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bedlinen+towels in this cupboard in the entrance
Bedlinen+towels in this cupboard in the entrance
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,large, spacious livingroom
Large, spacious livingroom
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,the bed 70 in the livingroom
The bed 70 in the livingroom
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,from livingroom to the hall
From livingroom to the hall
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,hall / dining room
Hall / dining room
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,diningroom/hall + single bed  90
Diningroom/hall + single bed 90
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,in the cupboard place place for your cloth
In the cupboard place place for your cloth
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bedroom:double coach140+single bed 90 + child bed
Bedroom:double coach140+single bed 90 + child bed
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bedroom:double coach140+single bed 90 + child bed
Bedroom:double coach140+single bed 90 + child bed
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bedroom with 160 bed
Bedroom with 160 bed
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bedroom with 160 bed and window to the corridor
Bedroom with 160 bed and window to the corridor
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,kitchen to cook and eat in,now with dishwasher too
Kitchen to cook and eat in,now with dishwasher too
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bathroom
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,bathroom
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,Hungary,Budapest, 0k, NE,livingroom with double coach 140 and single bed 70
Livingroom with double coach 140 and single bed 70
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Ons huis

Beschrijving van het huis dat wij aanbieden voor ruil

Very spacious old flat extremely central in Budapest with excellent public communication of all kind immediate (no)distance!
We like to travel, mostly during official holidays like Easter holidays, Christmas, Summer and long-weekends. We have had more than 20 very nice exchanges in the past, both only Hallgeir and Kati, but sometime together with some part of our family, or with some friends. The flat is on the 3rd level of a beautiful house in atrium central European style, with an elevator. Unfortunately there are some few stairs before you reach the elevator. This is why we can not offer our flat for wheelchair users. Very sorry for this. We have 3 windows to the park and street and with a view of the Mathias church on the other side of the Danube. (We are on Pest side, Mathias church is on Buda side). You have all kind of shops and amenities. Grocery shop on the left corner, Pharmacy on the right corner, cafe with cakes and ice-cream in the same block, as well as a nice, old fashioned shoemaker workshop!


Appartement/ Tweede huis


  • Schoonmaakservice
  • Vaatwasser
  • Wasmachine
  • Magnetron
  • Mooi uitzicht
  • Antiek aanwezig
  • Lift aanwezig
  • Verwarming
  • Babyspullen beschikbaar


  • DVD-speler
  • Internetverbinding
  • TV
  • Draadloos internet (WiFi)
  • Familiekamer / speelkamer


  • Geen


  • Stad

Buurt / omgeving

Beschrijving van onze buurt en omgeving

Our flat is in a beautiful central European old style apartment building. The two windows of the livingroom have a view onto a park (Szabadság tér). On the horisont you can see Mathias church over the other side of the Danube. The house is in the same street as St Steven Basilica. Five-7 minutes walk to the Parlament, and 10 minutes walk to the Opera House. Shopping - Walking street also in 7 minutes. Metro, trolley bus is in immediate distance. Restaurants and cafes at every corner. Grocery at next corner.

Activiteiten buitenshuis

  • Strand
  • Fietsen
  • Culturele evenementen
  • Sport / fitness
  • Tennis
  • Wandelen
  • Openbaar zwembad
  • Rivier

Vrije tijd

  • Park / speelplaats
  • Cafés
  • Sport / fitness
  • Restaurants
  • Winkels
  • Park / speelplaats

Culturele activiteiten

  • Concerten
  • Galerijen
  • Musea
  • Opera
  • Bezienswaardigheden
  • Theater

Nabij openbaar vervoer

  • Bus
  • Treinstation
  • Tram
  • Metrostation


  • Bakker
  • Buurtwinkel
  • Apotheek
  • Supermarkt

Onze voorkeuren

Wat we graag willen of wat juist niet...

Please check our exchange preferences below
Thank you that you respect the neighbors in the house and keep it calm and silent, specially in the evenings.
We sort out plastic (like drinking-water bottles etc.) and paper. All other waste is together.
Downstairs, under the elevator you find dark green bins for mixed garbage; yellow bins for plastic; Blue bins for paper.
Inside the flat I have a metal square bin in the entrance where I collect plastic bottles after making them flat before I take them down and trough them in the yellow bins. Please remember to take the metal bin up again.
I collect papers usually in a paper bag which is beside the metal bin in the entrance. Please do not through away the paper bag.
We have two refrigerators, but normally we use only the newer one, which is nearer to the kitchen-window and has a freezer in the lower part. Please be sure the doors of the upper part and the lower freezer part is properly closed when you leave the flat and also under your stay.
The older refrigerator should be open when not used.
The gas on the gas stove should be lighted by matches.
Please light a match first, then push the button in AND KEEP IT IN 10 seconds after the flames on. So let the button slowly.
We appreciate if you use the blue/black kettle only for cooking of water.
You find plates, cups, glasses in the upper part of the old kitchen cupboard. Different vessels to make warm food you can find in the same old cupboard in the lower part. Sugar, salt, cacao, oats, paper napkins are in the smaller right side.
Most of the cutlery is in the drawer right side, still in the same cupboard.
All kind of equipment to coffee making is in the cupboard over the Microwave oven.
Generally please have a look all over to find things.
Now we do have dishwasher since summer 2015. When you use it for the first time please check if the water tap is open – and I kindly ask you to turn the water off to the dishwasher when you leave at the end of your holiday. Please use ONLY the “ECO” program, otherwise the electricity can be switched off! (The safety-fuse might be switched off)
To turn on the warm water for hand washer over the manual dishwasher please turn the tap to the left with a decided movement and wait some seconds. It is to turn the gas on in the bathroom from where the warm water is coming to the kitchen. (it is a bit long way). Please be careful so the little flame in the gas-boiler in the bathroom do not get off!
IMPORTANT: If it does, please light it immediately to avoid any accident. (*)
You can find duvet cover and pillow cover + different size towels in the big cupboard on the right side in the entrance. (The one with a mirror on the middle part) Behind the mirror, on the upper layer you find bed sheets: Right side: for single bed; Left side: for double bed
I appreciate if you take out what you need with care, and keep the order in the cupboard.
Please take care of that the little flame in the gas boiler is always on, never switch off, thank you (*)
Washing machine: If you use the “Favorite 1” turning one to the right, it washes on 60 degree normal cotton. It indicates that it takes 2.hour and 34 minutes, but in reality it takes approximately 3 hours! I use this program for all bed-linen and towels. You shorten the time of washing by pushing the sign of a “clock”.
If you use “Favorite 2” turning one to the left, it washes 40degree normal wash.
Please close the water tap after you are finished with your wash.
IRON cloth
The iron is in the lower part of the white vitrine- cabinet in the Hall (dining room) and the ironing table is behind the door of the little room leading from the hall to the children´s room.
We are very happy if you water the plants at least once a week, and a little bit more often when it is warm. Thank you!
We used to open the right side window in the large living room. It goes in click when you open it which prevents that the wind suddenly close it. When you close this window you must push down the small flap under the window to release it.
Please put some cloth in the other windows to prevent to be suddenly shut by the wind. Unfortunately none of the other windows have this little preventive flap under.
There is empty shelves and place to hang your loth in the middle and right part of the brown cupboard (with a mirror) in the living-room and also in the children´s room
Please do NOT SWICH OF the little gas flamme in the bathroom, it must be ON all the time. Please take care of this, thank you!
The refrigirator should be left ON too. (Only the one nearest to the kitchen window!)
Could you please throw away all food waist from the refrigirator which can be out of date, including open juice boxes. Please remember to take down all other carbages to the Carbage bins downsstairs. You find the bins under the lift. Yellow bins for plastic, blue bins for papir and green bins for all other waist.
I am happy if you are so kind and take of the bedlinen you used under your stay and putt hem on the floor in the bathroom. Thank you.
I appriciate if you put everything back there you originally found it, like remote control of the TV and DVD , kitchen equipments etc etc. Thank you very much.
I kindly ask you to close all windows poperly, especially the right window in the largest room. The inside part of the double window is a bit damaged. When you turn the handle to the right it does not stop when it is closed, but turns over. Please try to turn it in a way that the handle stands in a horisontal position. Thank you for your help!
Please give The keys back shoes-repair shop if you leave while they are open. If not, please put all the 4 keys (the keyset) into my postbox downstairs. But please wrap them in a non transparent plastic bag, or put hem in an envelope. Thank you very much.
I appreciate if you are so kind to take this information with you. Thank you very much!


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