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Duitsland - Hessen - Einhausen

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,Germany,Einhausen,House with garden close to Heidelberg & Frankfurt
House with garden close to Heidelberg & Frankfurt
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
Huizenruil in
,Germany,Einhausen,House photos, home images
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Ons huis

Beschrijving van het huis dat wij aanbieden voor ruil

Our house is in a quiet neighbourhood. Enjoy our Beautiful garden with a Swing for your kids and a Barbeque for Dinner. Sit and relax with a glass of wine or beer.
We have one masterbedroom with a bed 180x200cm (queen size) and a kidsroom with a bed 90x200cm plus a babybed 70x140 cm connected to it. The bathroom upstairs has a shower, bathtub, bidet and toilet plus sink. Our third room upstairs is used as a walk in closet and sewing room.
The downstairs area is equipped with a guest toilet, kitchen and livingroom with a sunroom. The sunroom leads to a porch and into the garden.
We have a guestroom in the basement with a bed 80x200cm which can be pulled out to 160x200cm. We also have a sauna and shower in the basement.
The third room in the basement fits a freezer, fridge for drinks and the washing machine.

If you like, you can use our scooter to manage short distances.

We grow vegetables and fruits in our garden. We would love you to pick whatever is ripe during your stay. If you could also water it while you are here, we would be very thankful....this is optional though and not required

Driving distances to:
Frankfurt City 30 minutes
Heidelberg 30 minutes
Darmstadt 20 minutes
Mannheim 20 minutes
Ludwigshafen 30 minutes
Karlsruhe 1 hour
Stuttgart 1,5 hours
Ludwigsburg 1,5 hours
Freiburg 2 hours
Aschaffenburg 1,5 hours
France Straßbourg 2 Horus
France Wissembourg 1,5 hours
Pfalz 30 minutes
Odenwald 15 minutes
Schwarzwald 60 minutes

Paris is only 4 hours by Train.


Huis met verdiepingen/ Hoofdverblijf


  • Vaatwasser
  • Wasmachine
  • Rustige omgeving
  • Mooi uitzicht
  • (Open) haard
  • Privé / besloten
  • Ingericht voor kinderen
  • Tuin
  • Verwarming
  • Garage
  • Parkeren mogelijk
  • Sauna
  • Terras / patio


  • DVD-speler
  • Internetverbinding
  • TV
  • Draadloos internet (WiFi)
  • Familiekamer / speelkamer


  • Gebruik van fietsen


  • Dorp
  • Landelijk

Buurt / omgeving

Beschrijving van onze buurt en omgeving

We live in a very quiet and friendly neighborhood. Our nextdoor neighbours are a couple in their 50s and a couple in their 30s. Just across the street we have two families whose kids are the same age as our daughter.

In Einhausen we have bakeries, a pharmacy, butcher, optician, Sports shop, hairdressers, several grocery stores, farmers markets, banks, icecream Shop, shoe Shop, post Office, cafe, Restaurants, bus station to bensheim lorsch and Heppenheim. Great biking opportunities.

Close by:
Climbing hall in Bensheim
Weltkulturerbe Kloster lorsch
Bike and ebike rental at oleks in Einhausen
Outdoor swimming in Lorsch
Indoor swimming in Einhausen and Bensheim
Several gyms in lorsch, Bensheim, heppenheim etc.
Draisinenbahn in Mörlenbach
Golf in Bensheim
Europa Park in Rust
Holidaypark in Hassloch

Activiteiten buitenshuis

  • Fietsen
  • Culturele evenementen
  • Golfen
  • Sport / fitness
  • Tennis
  • Wandelen
  • Meer (watersport)
  • Openbaar zwembad
  • Rivier

Vrije tijd

  • Park / speelplaats
  • Cafés
  • Sport / fitness
  • Restaurants
  • Winkels
  • Park / speelplaats

Culturele activiteiten

  • Concerten
  • Galerijen
  • Musea
  • Bezienswaardigheden
  • Theater

Nabij openbaar vervoer

  • Bus
  • Treinstation


  • Bakker
  • Buurtwinkel
  • Apotheek
  • Supermarkt


Onze tips voor leuke activiteiten en uitjes bij ons in de buurt

In Einhausen, just about a 300 meters walk away, you have a typical restaurant in that region where you can try Handkäse mit Musik, Kochkäseschnitzel und Apfelwein.
Other good places to eat:
Drayß Back- und Brauhaus in Lorsch
Alte Dorfmühle in Bensheim-Auerbach
Coccola in Bensheim for icecream
Hahnmühle in Bensheim
Cafe Luise in Bensheim for breakfast and afterwards walk through the Fürstenlager
Mühlstein in Bensheim a little more fancy if you like
Muse chocolat in Heppenheim for breakfast

The little river Weschnitz runs through Einhausen and is worth to walk along. In the Summer you can refresh yourself by walking on its shore and even go inside - it is not very deep and not dangerous at all.

Close to our house are several playgrounds for all ages. And it is only a couple of minutes into the woods.

Close by is a cheap grocery store called Penny. We recommend buying fruits and vegetables at Obsthausen though, which is only a 6 minute walk away. There are even a couple of farmers who sell their own products just around the corner. There are more grocery stores in Einhausen, Lorsch, Bensheim and Heppenheim of course.

We Love the unverpackt in Lorsch. You can buy your stuff bringing your own containers and preventing plastic trash and wrappings.

The area is perfect for biking and hiking. Visit the Auerbacher Schloß (castle) and the Melibokus (500m mountain). The river rhine is just about 10 minutes by car and 45 minutes by bike amway. Enjoy our central location and all the possibilitys.

Mannheim is perfect for shopping all kinds of stuff.
Frankfurt is worth a visit and also Heidelberg. Karlsruhe is just one hour by car. Stuttgart one hour by Train. Freiburg im Breisgau is a beautiful City and worth a visit - 2 hours by car
Just a few minutes and you can Go hiking in the Odenwald or go to the beautiful Pfalz and enjoy a walk through the vineyards and have a good glas of wine. The Weingut am Nil in Kallstadt is very very good and a beautiful place to enjoy.

Only 1,5 hours by car and you are in France. Wissembourg is a beautiful french town and worth a daytrip.
Strasbourg is about 2 hours away.

There is much more to discover. Please feel free to ask us any time.

Onze favoriete restaurants

Vrijetijd en culturele activiteiten

  • Unesco Weltkulturerbe Kloster Lorsch
  • Fürstenlager Bensheim

Sport- en Fitnessclub

  • Pfitzenmeier Bensheim
  • Prime Fitness in lorsch
  • Kletterhalle Bensheim

Leuke uitstapjes

  • Wissembourg Frankreich
  • Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Heidelberg

Onze voorkeuren

Wat we graag willen of wat juist niet...

Please leave our House as tidy as you found it at the beginning of your stay. We will treat your home with respect and care, so please do the same with ours.

Thank you.


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