Germany - North Rhine Westfalia (Tyskland - Nordrhein-Westfalen - Solingen)

Vår gjestebok

  • Très bon séjour, maison très agréable !!

  • Wonderful stay - living the good, German life

    Johannes and Cornelia, Our house swap with you was certainly a dream come true. We were able to enjoy your area in Solingen with ease thanks to your specific and detailed descriptions of things to do in and around your home. Using your bikes were a joy, experiencing a Bundesliga soccer match in nearby Düsseldorf with the enthusiasm of the fans, and, upon your return - sharing time over several meals were lovely time spent together. It was an experience only we in Homelink could hope to enjoy. Thank you for your attention to detail, your warm hospitality and for your care of our home. Best wishes in your future “Wohnung tauschen” (house swaps)! Jeff & Marilyn


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