Historic Nyborg. Seaside. Cph 1,5 h

Danimarca - TX - 5800

Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The beaches around Nyborg are absolutely wonderful
The beaches around Nyborg are absolutely wonderful
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Our house and terrace
Our house and terrace
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The yellow room downstairs with Simba
The yellow room downstairs with Simba
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Dining table in the kitchen (4)
Dining table in the kitchen (4)
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Dining table in the yellow room (4)
Dining table in the yellow room (4)
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Bathroom
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Bedroom 1 with a double bed (ca be divided)
Bedroom 1 with a double bed (ca be divided)
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Bedroom 2 with a double bed (can be divided)
Bedroom 2 with a double bed (can be divided)
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Bedroom 3 with a sleeping couch (2 persons)
Bedroom 3 with a sleeping couch (2 persons)
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Bath tub
Bath tub
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Garden
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The Piano Room
The Piano Room
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The reading room
The reading room
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The walls around Nyborg
The walls around Nyborg
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,Hans Christian Andersen´s House in Odense
Hans Christian Andersen´s House in Odense
Scambi casa in:,Denmark,5800,The walls around Nyborg
The walls around Nyborg
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10/ott/2020 - 17/ott/2020 Paris, Frankrig
10/ott/2020 - 17/ott/2020 Berlin, Tyskland
10/ott/2020 - 17/ott/2020 Stockholm, Sverige
10/ott/2020 - 17/ott/2020 Schleswig-Holstein, Tyskland

La nostra casa

Descrizione della casa che offriamo

SUMMER 2020 IS BOOKED, OPEN FOR WEEK 42, 2020 :) Our place is mostly a place to visit with bigger children -or on your own: Townhouse in 2 stocks between seaside and forest and the historic old town of Nyborg. Situated on the beautiful island, Fionia/ Mid- Denmark, with little half timbered villages and towns in a variated landscape, an ideal basis for bike-riding, forest-wandering and, during the summertime, bathing.
Fionia is Denmarks second-largest island (a 1/2 million inhabitants), situated between Jutland/ Aarhus (free bridge) and Seeland/Copenhagen/ Airport (bridge/ tax), with hilly landscapes, formed in the ice age, and our town, Nyborg, used to be the main seat of the medieval kings. This means lots of possibilities for historical and nature experiences: Castles, vikings, stonehenges/burial mounds, medieval city centres, antique habours and ships, breweries, slow food production etc. Odense (Odins City/main city of Fionia) offers loads of trendy "Small Metropol Life"nearby -café´s, galleries and the native house of our worldknown danish poet, Hans Christian Andersen. Kerteminde (20 km.) with the Viking Ladby Ship and the annual Cherry Festival and Svendborg (30 km.) with the beautiful Islands, Thurø and Tåsinge offers good possibilities as does Aarhus (DK´s second largest city and European Culture Capitol, 2017) two hours´ drive away, and Copenhagen/Tivoli and the Little Mermaid, one and a half hour´s drive away via the Storebælt Bridge (tax) or (if by plane) on your way till or back from Copenhagen Airport (direct train/ www.rejseplanen.dk). Openminded and younghearted couple: Thomas (56), Malene (58); often traveling with one or two of our adult daughters. We also have a little, grey cat, Nala:-)

See more at:
https://www.visitfyn.de/de/fyn/visitfyn (German)
https://www.visitfyn.com/ln-int/funen/visitfyn (English)


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  • Riscaldamento
  • Parcheggio
  • Terrazzo, veranda


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  • TV
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Descrizione del vicinato e dei paraggi

Our house is situated between the seaside and the old town of Nyborg in a "school road," with road trees and old house´s, peaceful during vacation time and with a romantic garden and terrace behind the house. A quality discount supermarket with bakery (REMA) is just nearby and in the old town and the habour, you´ll find alimentary shops, café´s, ice bars and restaurants in all price classes from discount to gourmet.

Attività all'aperto

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  • Fiume
  • Scuba Diving / Surfing
  • Windsurfing

Attività per il tempo libero

  • Parco / Parco giochi
  • Bar / Pub
  • Palestra / Centro benessere
  • Ristoranti
  • Shopping

Attività culturali

  • Musei


  • Autobus
  • Stazione ferroviaria

Servizi nei dintorni

  • Panificio
  • Minimarket
  • Farmacia
  • Supermercato


I nostri consigli su cosa non perdere in questa zona

Nyborg Harbour, The Beaches, The Teglværk Forest, The Medieval City Centre of Nyborg, The Egeskov Castle, H.C. Andersen´s House in Odense, Odense City, Kerteminde, Head of Funen (Fyns Hoved), Svendborg, Thurø, Tåsinge. Aarhus and Copenhagen.

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Cosa ci piace, cosa non gradiamo… Ecco le regole in casa nostra.

Please take good care of our house, cat, interior and plants and leave everything in a nice and clean order as you found it.
We will do the same in your house:-)


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