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Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,The view from one of our 3 terrasses
The view from one of our 3 terrasses
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Sunset
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Relax and... zen
Relax and... zen
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Room on the first floor
Room on the first floor
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Room for children or 2 adults
Room for children or 2 adults
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Roof on the second floor - next to the roof top
Roof on the second floor - next to the roof top
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Fully equiped kitchen (washmachine & dishwasher)
Fully equiped kitchen (washmachine & dishwasher)
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,3 bathrooms; 2 with a shower... one with bath
3 bathrooms; 2 with a shower... one with bath
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Infinity pool reserved for the Sea View residents
Infinity pool reserved for the Sea View residents
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Calm and peace are THE words
Calm and peace are THE words
Scambi casa in:,Oman,Sifah,Fully equipped roof with table and a sink too!
Fully equipped roof with table and a sink too!
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La nostra casa

Descrizione della casa che offriamo

Offering breath-taking sea and golf course views, our duplex penthouse sea view apartment (built in 2020) in the Jebel Sifah Heights neighbourhood sets new standards for life as it should be.

Jebel Sifah Heights is located within Jebel Sifah Resort in Oman.

The apartement is located on the first and second floor of a new construction with only 6 apartments in the building.

Our duplex & penthouse 3 bedrooms apartment borders 2 swimming pools (adult and child) and features 2 balconies overlooking the Arabian Sea as well as a rooftop terrace (fully equiped) with a view of the mountains, golf and sea.

The fully equipped kitchen offers everything required for home cooking and eating.

Each bedroom includes a separate bathroom (1 with a bath, 2 with a shower) and wardrobes.
Towels, shampoo, soap and linnen are included.

Matrah Souk is 30’ drive away from Jebel Sifah, Muscat International Airport 45’.

More info about Oman ?

Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is a country on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia.

Located in a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the country shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates (it takes just 4h30 to reach Dubaï).

The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Gulf of Oman on the northeast. The Madha and Musandam exclaves are surrounded by the UAE on their land borders, with the Strait of Hormuz (which it shares with Iran) and the Gulf of Oman forming Musandam's coastal boundaries.

From the late 17th century, the Omani Sultanate was a powerful empire, vying with the Portuguese Empire and the British Empire for influence in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. At its peak in the 19th century, Omani influence or control extended across the Strait of Hormuz to modern-day Iran and Pakistan, and as far south as Zanzibar.

When its power declined in the 20th century, the sultanate came under the influence of the United Kingdom. For over 300 years, the relations built between the two empires were based on mutual benefits. The UK recognized Oman's geographical importance as a trading hub that secured their trading lanes in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean and protected their empire in the Indian sub-continent. Historically, Muscat was the principal trading port of the Persian Gulf region. Muscat was also among the most important trading ports of the Indian Ocean.

Oman is also famous as one of the most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.


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  • Forno a microonde
  • Sicurezza / Portiere
  • Zona tranquilla
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  • Privacy / Riservatezza
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Descrizione del vicinato e dei paraggi

Jebel Sifah is located between the sea and the mountains. It's an extreme relaxing environment far from the stress.

With Jebel Sifah’s facilities and amenities within easy reach, you can choose between tennis courts, basketball, football, gym or go for water sports with jet skis, banana boat and boat rides for hire.

You can also rent desert buggies or bicycles and make a tour in the Hajjar Mountains or to Sifah’s white, sandy beaches.

The Jebel Sifah Resort also offers a private beach with beach bar offering a fine selection of cocktails and food or walk over to the Bank, an amazing lounge restaurant with poolside bar, offering a wide range of delicious foods and refreshments while lazing in the sun.

Located in a relaxing and quiet are overlooking the marina, Gossip Corner offers an a-la-carte menu including breakfast, snacks and lunchtime choices.
Sky lounge restaurant & rooftop bar offers open air shisha lounge and cocktail bar.

The Views offers delightful cuisines with stunning views as well as take away and delivery service.

In Muscat, you will find beautiful places to visit : the magical Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the Souk, the Royal Opera House, National Museum,... the list is long and non exhaustive!

Attività all'aperto

  • Spiaggia
  • Percorsi ciclabili
  • Eventi culturali
  • Immersioni
  • Pesca
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Escursioni
  • Piscina pubblica
  • Gite in barca
  • Scuba Diving / Surfing
  • Windsurfing

Attività per il tempo libero

  • Parco / Parco giochi
  • Bar / Pub
  • Ristoranti
  • Shopping


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Servizi nei dintorni

  • Panificio
  • Supermercato


I nostri consigli su cosa non perdere in questa zona

You have all the activities linked to the sea in Sifah.

After a short drive in the mountains, you can reach Muttrah Souq (one of the oldest Souq in the world!).

A must see is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque : It was built in Bausher in Muscat in 2001. From its minarets, large golden dome, arches, engraved walls, decorated interior, unique lamps and central crystal chandelier, the mosque is an absolute architectural wonder.

Ras Al Jinz : located in the city of Ras Al Hadd in eastern Oman. It is a natural reserve for endangered green turtles where around 20,000 females return to every year to lay their eggs. Beside the marvelous beach, crystal waters and golden sands of Ras Al Jinz, visitors can enjoy watching the turtles digging their nests and laying eggs, and even see the small turtles hatch their eggs and head back to the sea. This amazing nature observation is organized by tour guides from the Turtle Reserve very early in the morning.

Shatti Al Qurum : Shatti Al Qurum, or Al Qurum beach, is one of the longest beaches in Oman. It lies in the capital of Muscat on the northern coast. It is one of the busiest beaches, as there are numerous cafés, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels located nearby.

Wadi Bani Khalid : can be fairly called a natural green and colorful paradise on Earth. The wadi (valley) is located in the Al Sharqiyah Region and has several water pools as well as a spring (ayn in Arabic) that keeps water flowing inside the wadi all year long. Wadi Bani Khalid also has several villages inside and colorful plantations among its lands. With all of that and the uniquely red rock formations, the wadi looks resembles a mind-blowing painting.

Forts and castles : Oman has a unique heritage, and its ancient history and culture can be appreciated through the different forts and castles on its lands. A visit to Oman must accompany a walk through this heritage, which can be witnessed in Nakhal Fort, Nizwa Fort, Jibreen Castle, Al Hazm Fort, Al Rustaq Fort and many others in every corner of Oman.

Jebel Al Akhdar, the Green Mountain, is one of the marvelous mountains that is part of the Al Hajar range in the Al Dakhliya region. It is named after the green areas and plantations covering its rocky lands. The mountain has several hiking trails, and villages where people raise animals and farm.

The National Museum was established in 2016 in Muscat as a showcase for Omani heritage. Covering an area of 13,700 square meters (147,000 sq ft), the museum has several galleries that explains the history and culture of Oman, along with big electronic monitors that brings the exhibited crafts to life.The galleries inside the museum are divided as follows: Oman and the World, Intangible Heritage, The Land and the People, Maritime History, Prehistory and Ancient History, Splendours of Islam, Arms and Armour, Aflaj, Renaissance, Currency, and others.

Jebel Shams, or the Mountain of Sun, is another impressive mountain in the Al Hajar range in the Al Dakhliya region. It is the highest point of the mountain range, and it is believed to be the first point where the sun rises, which is what inspired its name. The mountain has great hiking trails, as well as spectacular views of the region from its top.

Majlis Al Jinn has the second largest cave chamber in the whole world. It is located around 1,380 meters (0.86 miles) above sea level, and can only be entered through few holes at the top of the cave. It is the perfect destination for climbing and hiking adventurers and a great place for taking pictures of the unique rocky formations and the cave’s interior.

The Royal Opera House was built in 2011 in the area of Shatti Al Qurum in Muscat. The distinguished Omani contemporary architecture makes it looks like a palace. The Royal Opera House is the main venue for arts in the capital city of Muscat and offers various international performances.

Sands of Rub’ Al Khali : If you love deserts and sand dunes, then you should settle for nothing but the largest continuous sand desert in the world. Al Rub’ Al Khali, or the Empty Quarter, is the desert in western Oman and covers parts of UAE, Yemen and Saudi Arabia as well. Reaching an area of 650,000 square kilometres (250,000 square miles), the desert has unique biodiversity and is considered to be the world’s most oil-rich area.

Bimmah or Dabab sinkhole is located in eastern Oman near Muscat. It was formed due to the dissolution of lower layers of limestones that caused the surface layer to collapse creating this big hole. It is famous for its crystal turquoise waters as well as the rocky formations that surrounds it. This amazingly beautiful sinkhole is a must-visit attraction in Oman.

Muscat : is not only the capital city of Oman, but it also combines both natural and architectural beauty in every corner of its lands. It has marvelous beaches like Al Qurum and Al Bustan, the Royal Opera House, and famous hotels and boutique hotels. Wherever you go in Muscat, you will find a unique activity to do or a mind-blowing natural place to enjoy.

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Cosa ci piace, cosa non gradiamo… Ecco le regole in casa nostra.

It's important for us to find our apartment in good state when we come back!
We have decorated it with love and antiques... and have created a cosy and zen atmosphere.
We sincerely hope you will like it... but please respect it :-)
Remark : the apartment is stricly new, we received the key in January 2020 :-)

At this stage car exchange is not possible but it might change in a short future!
Don't hesitate to ask :-)


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