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Scambi casa in:,Italy,ventimiglia,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Italy,ventimiglia,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Italy,ventimiglia,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
Scambi casa in:,Italy,ventimiglia,Foto della casa, immagini della casa
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Scambio simultaneo

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Qualsiasi periodo Hilversum, Netherlands | Spain | Italy

La nostra casa

Descrizione della casa che offriamo

Little studio for nice couples in a cute and quite little village full of flowers. With the most fabulous views over the sea, the French Riviera and the town of Menton. We advise to rent an small car or scooter. Internet speed 20 mb


Appartamento/ Prima residenza


  • Balcone / terrazzino
  • Lavastoviglie
  • Lavatrice
  • Attrezzato per bambini
  • Giardino
  • Riscaldamento
  • Terrazzo, veranda


  • Accesso ad internet
  • TV
  • Connessione Wi-Fi


  • Cittadina / paese
  • Vista lago / mare
  • Montagne
  • Località marittima


Descrizione del vicinato e dei paraggi

Attività all'aperto

  • Spiaggia
  • Percorsi ciclabili
  • Eventi culturali
  • Canoa / Kayak
  • Immersioni
  • Pesca
  • Golf
  • Palestra / Centro benessere
  • Tennis
  • Sci
  • Escursioni
  • Maneggio
  • Lago
  • Fiume
  • Gite in barca
  • Scuba Diving / Surfing
  • Windsurfing

Attività per il tempo libero

  • Parco / Parco giochi
  • Bar / Pub
  • Palestra / Centro benessere
  • Ristoranti
  • Shopping
  • Parco / Parco giochi

Attività culturali

  • Concerti
  • Gallerie d'arte
  • Musei
  • Opera
  • Monumenti famosi
  • Teatro


  • Autobus
  • Stazione ferroviaria
  • Auto necessaria



Cosa ci piace, cosa non gradiamo… Ecco le regole in casa nostra.

- Please don't smoke in the house.
- Please don't leave trash
- Bring a photocopy of your passport please.

Only small Pets are allowed on request. Charges may be applicable ( 10 euros x day ).

Please do not use the electric stove at maximum power or electric stove and microwave at the same time.

Kindly leave the bathroom window slightly open during the day and use the fan when showering. Please also ventilate well when cooking.

Please reach out to us through the AirBnB Messaging function within the app. It’s the best method to use to contact us. This is for our mutual protection and safety. Please use the AirBnB Messaging platform and then answer your query there.


Check-in is between 5pm and 8pm and check out 10am.

Check-in is between 5pm and 8pm unless otherwise discussed and agreed to via AirBnB messaging. Access to property before 5pm on check-in day is not permitted.
Check-in is between 8pm and 9pm will be 15 euros of extra cost. We don't allow early or late arrivals or late departures. We will not be able to receive guests after 21 hs.

We fully clean and turn-over the property. That requires time to ensure it is done to your satisfaction.

We require each guest to have - and show - a valid unexpired government-issued identification upon check-in. Guests who do not provide this identification will not be allowed to check-in. This will be construed as the guest wishing to cancel the reservation and will carry appropriate AirBnB penalties.

Property Information & House Rules

Quiet Time(s):

We are FIRM with quiet time between 10PM and 7am. This is not just a House Rule, there is a local ordinance to this effect. Our neighbors appreciate this as well. This listing is on a property with 1 other units. These units have people that work from home - one of which is us. This means you must be aware of noise you are making throughout the day.

Smoking/Drug Policy:

There is no smoking or drugs allowed - by anyone staying inside the studio or visiting.

Guest(s) of Studio Residents:

We are perfectly happy having people pop by to pick you up, but you may not use the studio to entertain them. We'd be happy to help you find other places to spend time with your family and friends.

All overnight guests must be approved in advance through the booking process and are subject to an additional fee as noted in the price. This must be done no later than 24 hours prior to check-in and paid for at that time. Failure to do this is a violation of our House Rules; no entry/no refund if you violate the rules. Again, if you bring anyone with you at any point other than AirBnB-verified guests, they will not be allowed into the house at all, even to help you move stuff in. This benefits us and will benefit you in turn should you stay here. We are safety-first kind of Hosts, and there are no stray people wandering on the property.

Parties of any kind are not allowed in the studio or on the property. Loud music is also not allowed.


Free parking is available in the street. Within Ask for more information upon arrival. If you choose to park outside the areas which we have instructed it is against House Rules. There are places in the main street where you can park your car for free. In some weeks in summer it can be busy and you might need to park a bit farther away and walk a few minutes through the village to the house. Grimaldi is small, and so are the streets. If you have a wide car, we advise you to leave it outside the village and have the little walk to the house.


WiFi: “Netgear”
Password: “montecarlo”
Internet speed 18-20 mb

By booking this listing you agree not to use the WiFi for file-sharing networks and systems, including BitTorrent; no exceptions. If systems on our network are found to connect to these sites it will be considered a breach of House Rules and you will be told to check-out. Our home network monitors for - and takes action against - devices which break this House Rule.


Everything we provide (pots, pans, bakeware, dishes, glasses, etc) can be put in the dishwasher. Do not use the “HEAT” drying cycle on the dishwasher. The "HEAT" cycle takes a lot of electricity. After the washing cycle ends simply open the dishwasher door about one inch and leave the dishes to dry. Thank you in advance for being environmentally friendly. There is also an in-sink dish drain for when you wash your own dishes. Contrary to what most people think, the dishwasher does save more water and energy than hand-washing dishes. Please use it when necessary.


The linens and towels are not changed.

Personal items

|Please do not touch personal items or open furniture that is locked.


The bed, sofa, pub table, appliances, etc are not to be moved around - even if you intend to put them back after your stay.

Garden furniture

Please wooden garden furniture should not be exposed to sun or rain.


No appliances of any kind are allowed to be brought onto the property. This includes but is not limited to space heaters, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.


Do not leave trash in the house.The trash bins are located on the main street near the staircase. Differentiated garbage containers are located at the entrance to the village.


There are security cameras surrounding the property. These record 24/7 and are for our safety and yours. Remember that their footage is secure and attempting to disconnect them or destroy them will not stop the footage they’ve already captured.

Deliveries are not allowed.

Check-Out Procedures:

'Check-out' is a term we use meaning your final departure, which must be done by 10am on check-out day, when your stay is over. When your stay is completed and you are ready to check-out do the following:

Close and lock all windows and close blinds.
Turn off all lights and small appliances.
Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
Put all dirty/used towels in the laundry hamper.
Leave all bedding and pillows on the beds.
Report any damaged or missing items to your Hosts.


  • I bambini sono benvenuti
  • Preferiamo senza animali
  • Non fumatori
  • Richiesta

Autovettura a disposizione

  • Autovettura a disposizione

Tipologia di scambio

  • Scambio non simultaneo
  • Scambio simultaneo
  • Scambio Week-end
  • Scambio per almeno 6 settimane

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