Modern large 4 bedroom house in sunny Brazil

Brasile - Paraná - LONDRINA

Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,View from backyard
View from backyard
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Ensuite master bedroom with king bed
Ensuite master bedroom with king bed
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Boys bedroom single bed
Boys bedroom single bed
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Ensuite bedroom with queen bed
Ensuite bedroom with queen bed
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Girls bedroom with 2 single beds
Girls bedroom with 2 single beds
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Front living room
Front living room
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Family room
Family room
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Dining room
Dining room
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,View from front living room
View from front living room
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Varanda with outdoor kitchen at the back
Varanda with outdoor kitchen at the back
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Cook
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA, barbecue and relax !!!
barbecue and relax !!!
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Inside Kitchen
Inside Kitchen
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Playhouse at backyard
Playhouse at backyard
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Condo's Club House
Condo's Club House
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Condo's Pool
Condo's Pool
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Lago Igapo
Lago Igapo
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA, one of city´s landmarks
one of city´s landmarks
Paese dello scambio,Brazil,LONDRINA,Condo swimming pool
Condo swimming pool
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La nostra casa

Descrizione della casa che offriamo

-- Planning a SABBATICAL in 2021 --

Our home is a beautiful and modern 2 floor house with a backyard and a play house. It is located in a gated community where there is a club house with multi sports court, swimming pool, club house, fitness center, barbecue room and playground for little children.

Bird's eye view of our condo:

It is good for families with kids as we have children ourselves and therefore many toys and accessories to share including bikes for all.

There are two kitchens, one indoor and one outside where there is also a wood burning barbecue and stove.

It is airy, confortable, modern and illuminated. Perfect to enjoy Brazilian sunny and warm days. We love it!

Our neighbours are veeery friendly. We have been making friends for 10 years, since we moved to this place. They are more than willing to help us with visitors as they have already did with previous exchangers.


Casa a due o più piani/ Prima residenza


  • Accessibile in sedia a rotelle
  • Aria condizionata
  • Pulizie su richiesta
  • Lavastoviglie
  • Lavatrice
  • Asciugabiancheria
  • Forno a microonde
  • Sicurezza / Portiere
  • Zona tranquilla
  • Attrezzato per bambini
  • Giardino
  • Garage
  • Idromassaggio
  • Parcheggio


  • Lettore DVD
  • Biliardo
  • TV
  • Connessione Wi-Fi
  • Stanza da giochi


  • Disponibilità di Babysitter
  • Uso di biciclette


  • Urbano
  • Suburbano


Descrizione del vicinato e dei paraggi

First things first!
Our place is located in a condo so it offers many opportunities to interact with locals, get your hands dirty in the kitchen and meet people in their homes. Londrina is a welcoming city so it’s more than sightseeing, it’s about having experiences with people.

Despite being located on the outskirts of the city, our home is very close to the largest mall in this region where there's lot of shopping, restaurants, cinemas, bookshops and a Carrefour. It is a 10-minute-walk to this mall, Catuai Shopping Center. -->

Even more convenient than that, there are small businesses that can be reached in a 5 minute walk:
Fruttaria Premium -->
Food Emporium and Bakery Armazém Santana -->
Pizza & Burguer -->
Aviva Coffee Shop -->
Supermercados Viscardi. -->

One interesting thing about this part of the city is the number restaurants in farms where it is possible to try traditional dishes from the countryside, hear country music and offer the kids opportunity to cuddle animals, run and have fun at the playgrounds.

These are a few:

Attività all'aperto

  • Percorsi ciclabili
  • Canoa / Kayak
  • Palestra / Centro benessere
  • Tennis

Attività per il tempo libero

  • Parco / Parco giochi
  • Shopping

Attività culturali

  • Musei


  • Auto necessaria

Servizi nei dintorni

  • Panificio
  • Minimarket
  • Farmacia
  • Supermercato


I nostri consigli su cosa non perdere in questa zona

Bird's eye view of our city:

Londrinenses are fond of:
Adventure sports -->,
Trekking -->
Running -->
Theatre -->
Music -->
Ballet -->
Dining out -->
Gastronomy -->

There is a website that offers 365 suggestions of different things to do in Londrina. Pick one every day during your staying at our place! -->

For those who wish to enroll their kids at school, there´s an international school for ages 5 to 17 very close. -->
It´s a 5 minute drive from home.

I nostri ristoranti preferiti

Bar e caffè speciali

Luoghi particolari per lo shopping


Cosa ci piace, cosa non gradiamo… Ecco le regole in casa nostra.

We expect it to be kept clean and tidy.


  • I bambini sono benvenuti
  • Preferiamo senza animali
  • Non fumatori
  • richiesta

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  • Scambio non simultaneo
  • Scambio simultaneo
  • Scambio per almeno 6 settimane
  • Scambio sabbatico
  • Offriamo ospitalità
  • Cerchiamo ospitalità
  • Offriamo homesitting (badare alla casa di altre persone)

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