Ireland - Roscommon, 7k, W - House (2 floors+ (Irlanti - Connacht - Roscommon,)


  • Just great, felt like a second home!

    Just great, felt like a second home! We spend our home exchange in Irland and loved it. The house is lovely, spacious, tidy and great for children (cat and hens, garden, books...). Clare and Seamus organised our arrival and everything around our stay very well and we visited a lot of their landscap and traditionell events. Communication was uncomplicated and easy. We were happy to meet them with their children on our way and talked like old friends. Coming back home we found our home very clean and tidy. We can definitely recommend a stay in Roscommon at Clare and Seamus place

  • Wonderfull exchange!

    Wonderful holiday !! The house is beautiful, spacious and welcoming. The garden is charming: we played and rested in the quiet Irish countryside. The Murray family was very welcoming and helpful before and during the exchange. Roscommon is a great starting point for visiting Ireland. We visited Dublin, Galway, Cliff of Moher, Connemara ... During the holiday the exchange book tips were very useful. We met and enjoyed Irish sports! When we returned to Italy our home was perfect! Thank you! It was really a beautiful holiday. Thank you family Murray !!!!

  • Very lovely house with wonderful hosts!!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful exchange! Your house is great and everything was well prepared! The kids loved the play room with all the fantastic toys. They also enjoyed the huge garden with all the things and vehicles to play outside. Also taking care of the chicken was a great experience for us - kids loved taking care of them and it was easy!!! We appreciated a lot that you gave us many ideas about what to do - even during the exchange you made your family / friends organizing events for us - which we appreciated a lot!! Your house is situated in a good place to explore the west of Ireland by car but even Dublin was easy to get to by train - the Roscommon train station is about 10 min from the house by car! We hope you enjoyed your stay in Germany in the same way we did it in Ireland.

  • warm people

    Thank you for all the special things that made us feel at home : the fire when we arrived, the lovely farm for the children, the welcome on the blackboard. We were glad you kept in touch during the stay, so we could ask you something every now and then. The suggestion to take the tour to Clifden and the Connemara was very good. Despite the rain we had a nice holiday and saw some fantastic views and landscapes.


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