Beautiful seaview on Les ANSES d'ARLET (Martinique - martinique - Les Anses d Arlet)


  • This was an exceptionally wonderful exchange.

    This was an exceptionally wonderful exchange. What a warm and hospitable welcome.Stephanie, Maxime, Theodore and Josephine went all out in caring for us during our visit. We had every possible comfort and even the fun and conviviality of both an invitation to dinner and tennis game! There are so many fabulous features of this home, from the panoramic, gorgeous view, to the indoor/outdoor living spaces, very convenient kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as excellent parking access. Add the charm of the resident chickens (and their fresh eggs) as well as the visiting horse, along with the delightful sing song of the joyous birds and it was a real change from our 20th floor penthouse! The great WiFi is also worth mentioning. Our hosts were so helpful for every detail, from lending us snorkeling equipment and wave board to letting us know the best spots around their area.This was truly a splendid destination and these excellent accommodations made it even more memorable! We are really looking forward to welcoming our hosts to our home.


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