Canada - Nanaimo, 27k, S - House (2 floors+) (Kanada - British Columbia - Ladysmith)


  • Thank you for being lovely, considerate guests. We enjoyed hosting you.

  • Generous hosts with a great house in a fantastic c

    Thank you for a wonderful house exchange. Thank you for your generosity with everything from food, information and to car swap. You have a great house in a fantastic country and we loved staying in Ladysmith. Yours Sigrun & Torkil

  • Juanita and Rollie are extremely organized and made sure our stay at their home was perfect. A lovely quiet neighbourhood and a lovely home. We saw grizzly bears, fished from a boat and saw whales, Eagles, sea lions and seals. Caught a halibut too big to keep! Lots and lots of interesting things to do on the island. Would certainly recommend an exchange here.

  • A wonderful first experience...

    Rollie and Juanita were the best first exchanger that we could meet: they guided us at every step of the exchange and they were very understanding when we were not as fast as it should be to fill in the contract because of our jobs. They asked their nephew to catch us at the harbour and to bring us back home. The house was perfectly organized and all the information we needed was indicated in a book. The house is very big, even for 4 persons. This is a very good spot to discover Vancouver Island. Thank you very much foryour kindness... this was a very good experience.


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