Half-timbered house in medieval Quedlinburg (Saksa - Sachsen-Anhalt - Quedlinburg)


  • A lovely old home in historic town

    We had a wonderful time in this historic, quaint home in a beautiful historic town. We were made to feel welcome, and the house was clean, attractive, and filed with lovely old furniture. It had everything we needed, including an attractive sunny terrace. Our little dog enjoyed exploring this fascinating town with us, where there were many fine, listed buildings and a beautiful square and castle and ancient Romanesque church, with lots of cafes and restaurants. There was plenty to do in the area. There were lovely walks in the woods and valleys of the Harz mountains about 20/30 mins away, swimming in open air lakes about 15mins away, a local steam train into the Harz, and a cable car in nearby Thale. A lovely relaxing holiday. Thank you.

  • Merci pour votre accueil et votre maison pleine de

    Vous habitez une région et une ville magnifiques dont nous avons amplement profité pendant les 15 jours passés chez vous. Notre chat vous remercie de l'avoir gratouiller aussi souvent qu'il en faisait la demande.

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