Comfortable home with nice garden (Alankomaat - Utrecht - Houten)


  • We had a great time! Lovely central location, attentive hosts and beautiful country. Thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful holiday. Everything was great at the house, thank you for the travel cards and the lovely welcome gifts. We loved Houten and enjoyed exploring Holland.

  • Great hospitality, cosy home

    17.-23.04.2017: my sister-in-law Ilse and I spent a wonderful week. We learned about new gardening and seeds by Erwina, Nico knows all about nature and birds. Classical music! Nico took us to Keukenhof/Lisse – missions of tulips are flowering at this time, and he invited us to enjoy a flower-corso on friday evening! Next Blumenkorso in Bollenstreek will be on Saturday 21. April 2018, Motto "Culture". Start in Noordwijk. Ilse and I enjoyed the lekker meals and always interesting conversation with Erwina and Nico – we have had a very good time!

  • Comfortable home near Utrecht

    A nice, clean and comfortable home with pretty garden close to cozy Utrecht. There is a lot more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam, so be brave and choose something different. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Erwina and Nico for a lovely stay.


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