historic house, quiet green location (Saksa - Sachsen - Dresden)


  • A perfect weekend in Dresden

    What a lovely house! We enjoyed every minute of our stay, especially in the huge and wild garden with the cat and the guinea-pigs. Great for children. You can easily reach Dreden-City, but you can also enjoy the forest and the wonderful landscape nearby. Thank you very much!

  • Very romantic and beautiful 19th century home, loc

    We have had a wonderfully relaxing time, staying for two weeks in Dirk and Cilly's spacious country home. It is one of the most beautiful places we have been to, located just outside Dresden in a lush green environment. It is so quiet there, that it is hard to believe that the city is just around the corner. The area is a great destination for hiking (the forest starts right next door, the Elbe banks are within easy reach, and the wild landscapes of Saxony Switzerland are less than a 45 minutes drive). Besides, there are lots of interesting sights and museums in Dresden. Dirk and Cilly have been very welcoming and friendly, and they have taken excellent care of our apartment.

  • Great house - nice place

    Thank you for the exchange! We had a really good time! Your house is fantastic - a bit like an old castle. We enjoyed it a lot.


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