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  • Stylish and very well located apartment

    Matthias has been a wonderful host offering his stylish and very well located apartment in the west part of central Madrid. Though a heatwave struck with temperatures up to 39 degrees during the stay and an aircon not present it was still manageable by keeping windows shut during the day and let air flow through at night. Matthias’ recommendations for places of interest and tips’n tricks was of great use. The style and quality of the apartment and the interior decoration is very high and I strongly recommend the apartment for exchange

  • A beautiful and comfy apartment

    My daughter and her friends have been delighted by the beautiful apartment and Mathias' war hospitality. it was a non-sym, organised at the very last minute, but everything was perfect! Hope Mathias will be happy too when coming to our home.

  • Madrid is een aanrader om te bezoeken!


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