Small town between Toronto and Niagara Falls (Kanada - ON - Between Toronto and Niagara Falls, 60k, SW)


  • Lovely home in beautiful Canada !

    We enormously enjoyed our stay in Jean and Michael's home. Grimsby is a lovely town and very close to many interesting locations such as Toronto, Wineries (lots!) and The Niagara Falls. We were lucky to be in Canada when it celebrated its 150th birthday which gave it something extra. The house was very comfortable and the basement stays wonderfully cool during hot days!

  • A perfect example of what Homelink is all about. We doubt that a better exchange is possible, but we live in hope!!

  • It was a wonderful exchange

  • A wonderful welcome to wine country

    Dear Jean and Michael: Thank you so much for mentoring us in our first exchange. We enjoyed our visit to wine country. Your log book was packed with useful information and we took advantage of the information you left to get the most out of our stay. The Shaw performance of Alice was excellent, and the commute from your house was an easy drive. The house was very comfortable and welcoming, and a great place to relax after a long day of touring and sightseeing. We are glad you enjoyed your stay in our 'Little Piece of Eden' and thank you for leaving everything in order. Happy future house exchanges. Sincerely,, Hanz and Johanne


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