Denmark - Copenhagen - Appartment (Tanska - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Copenhagen)


  • We had a wonderfull time in Copenhagen.

    The flat was perfect for our biketrips. We enjoyed our time very much. Thank you for the wonderfull time inyour cosy home.

  • Nice surroundings, cosy flat.

    We felt like home in this nice and cosy place.

  • Perfect site to explore Copenhagen from.

    A very quiet apartment although near busy streets with a lot of restaurants and buses. Even as we´ve been to Copenhagen frequently it really gave us the possibility to explore more of this international capital.

  • It is a very lovely appartement in a nice neighbor

    I felt very welcome in the house. The appartement is lovely and the neighborhood is great. The owner prepared my visit very well. It felt like home staking there.


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