Canada - Toronto, 35k, E - House (2 floors+) (Kanada - ON - Toronto, 35k, E)


  • We loved Canada and had a wonderful exchange!

    We loved Ajax, Canada and had a wonderful exchange! We had an fantastic and relaxing time at Nigel and Lori`s home in Ajax. Their home was lovely, and quite nearby Toronto. It was in a very well suited for walking, running and riding bikes nearby. We was also hiking, swimming and shopping. We drove to Niagara Falls and the scenery was spectacular and we was in Niagara on the lakes wine District, it was like the France. CN Tower in Toronto was fantastic. We would highly recommend an exchange with Nigel and Lori and their family. We also was helped a lot in a very friendly way from Lori`s brother Scott in Canada.

  • Wonderful exchange

    This was our second exchange and we had an amazing time in Lori and Nigels house. The rooms were all very spacious and nicely decorated. We really enjoyed the wonderful back garden. Our kids loved the basement floor with ping pong table, fussball and cosy tv corner. Also their home gym is really well fitted with everything you need. We explored the small towns along the coast of Lake Ontario and found some really nice beaches. Toronto city lived up to the rumours of being a friendly modern city with lots of great attractions, top level sports and wonderful restaurants. For overseas visitors we highly recommend Canada's Wonderland, a theme park with lots of rollercoasters, that nothing in Europe can come close to. To sum up: We would most gladly recommend an exchange with Lori, Nigel and their children, you will have a great time!


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