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Kodinvaihdon maa,United States,San Francisco,Living Room & Dining Area
Living Room & Dining Area
Kodinvaihdon maa,United States,San Francisco,Breakfast Nook
Breakfast Nook
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Kodinvaihdon maa,United States,San Francisco,Bathroom
Kodinvaihdon maa,United States,San Francisco,Lovegood & Silex, doing what they do best
Lovegood & Silex, doing what they do best
Kodinvaihdon maa,United States,San Francisco,Dolores Park on a sunny day! What could be better?
Dolores Park on a sunny day! What could be better?
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One bedroom, one bathroom apartment on the third floor of a small residential building on beautiful palm-tree-lined Dolores Street. We have a fully equipped kitchen with sunny breakfast nook, an open layout living/dining area with large windows, bathroom with shower over tub, and bedroom with queen-sized bed. There are coin-operated washers and driers on the first floor of the building.

Our home is ideally located between the Mission and Noe Valley neighborhoods, and an easy walk to the Castro or Bernal Heights. Or hop on the BART train at 24th Street Station (10 min walk) or the J-Church MUNI tram (5 min walk) and be downtown in minutes. We love where we live, and we think you will, too!

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Our neighborhood is blessed with the best weather in the city—you may experience early morning fog depending on the time of year, but blue skies are the norm here. Walk north, just over the hill to Dolores Park, a gorgeously landscaped public space spanning two city-blocks, encompassing sports facilities, a children's playground, and acres of rolling grassy fields perfect for picnicking and people-watching. Continue northwest past the park and you'll find yourself in the Castro, SF's historically gay neighborhood, complete with rainbow crosswalks. A five minute walk east of our home will find you on Valencia Street, a ten-block pedestrian-friendly stretch of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, independent bookstores and boutiques—a shopper's paradise! If you walk up the hill to the south and swing a right, you'll be in Noe Valley, a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with a well-stocked wine shop, an excellent cheese shop, a Saturday farmer's market, and a full-service grocery store. A slightly longer walk southwest of where we live takes you to Bernal Heights, a cozy, quiet neighborhood ringing a hilltop park with some of the best views in the city.

We don't own a car, and we think you'll find you don't need one (except for day trips up and down the coast). It's easy to get around the city on buses, trams, and trains, and if you prefer to use ridesharing, it's never more than a few minutes' wait for a Lyft or Uber.


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The attractions listed below (with the exception of the day trips) are all within walking distance of our home, and truly are just scratching the surface of what our neighborhood has to offer.

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Mistä tykkäämme ja mistä emme ... Tässä tottumuksimme ja kodimme säännöt.

As mentioned above, we have two friendly cats named Lovegood and Silex. They are relatively low maintenance, but they do need to be fed twice a day and have their litter box scooped a few times a week. They enjoy being around people and will probably want to sit on your lap when you're relaxing on the couch. We love animals and will be happy to take good care of your pets in exchange for you looking after ours.

Also, we ask that you please respect our neighbors by keeping noise down after 10pm.


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