Wooden House in the countryside of Freiburg

Saksa - Baden-Wüettemberg - Stegen

Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,our home and surroundings.
Our home and surroundings.
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Stegen,House photos, home images
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Kodinvaihtoon tarjottavan kodin kuvailu

Our house is located in the sunny south of Germany, near the beautiful city of Freiburg. France and Switzerland are just around the corner. This tri-border region with the cultural centers of Freiburg, Basel and Colmar offers a lot of music, theater, dance events, museums, festivals and pubs, restaurants and ostrich farms. All this is embedded in a varied landscape. In the south of Freiburg are the wine growers, in the east, where we live, the Black Forest farmers. Here, the Black Forest beckons for hiking and discovery. Our house opens with the garden side to the fields and hills of the Black Forest. A sought after region for tourists. Anyone who appreciates the lively culture of an old university town as well as the opportunity to go directly out of the garden into the freedom of the fields and forests, will feel at home here.
The house was built in 2000 in the Scandinavian style, a low energy house in wood construction. Everyone who comes in feels at home and we have received many compliments for the soul of this home. We are in a friendly, helpful neighborhood. Two parkingplaces in front of the house.
We have an open kitchen where we eat and spend a lot of time. The kitchen is open to the living room, both rooms have large glass doors to the wooden veranda and the small garden. The living room has a long table with chairs and corner seat and two sofas, an oven and many books. In the base level there is also a toilet. From the garden with a large wooden veranda you have a beautiful view, even on the highest peak of the Black Forest, the Feldberg (1,400 m high). On the first floor there are three rooms, each with a small balcony, a spacious bathroom and a large balcony to the other side. Upstairs under the roof is another bathroom and a large but sloping room with a double bed.
The decor is bright, modern and there are some Biedermeier furniture.
Since we love our house very much, we wish guests, who handle our things carefully.
And then something else is very important. We have an old, beautiful, very cuddly cat. Mikele belongs to the house and therefore we can only trade with cat friends.

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Ympäristön kuvailu

We live in a colorful, modern residential area with low energy houses. A large grocery store, two bakers, two cafes are within 5 minutes walk. Stops for public transport to Freiburg or the Black Forest are also 5 minutes away. For large or small walks you can start directly from the garden. The landscape is very varied, hilly and there is a lot of forest. It is a hiking and sports paradise with many recreational activities.


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Kohdevinkkejä sekä aktiviteettisuosituksia sillä aikaa, jolloin asutte kodissamme

The Black Forest Tourimus has countless offers such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing, herbal walks, horseback riding. Experience farms, buy from farmers, visit farmers markets, join guided hikes to special destinations, Nordic walking, etc.
In summer there are bathing lakes or you can drive to the Titisee or Schluchsee and use steamer or pedalo, or swim.
In the south of Freiburg the Kaiserstuhl and the Markgräflerland beckons with vineyards and fruit slopes. Basel in Switzerland and Colmar in France are cultural centers and Alsace has a very different character than the Rhine Valley. Many old, historic cities and Excursion destinations invite you to discover. The Schauinslandbahn offers a magnificent view over the Rhine plain.
If you want to go further, you can visit the Europapark, 50 km away.
The difficulty will not be to find the right experience, but to decide.


Mistä tykkäämme ja mistä emme ... Tässä tottumuksimme ja kodimme säännöt.

It is important to us that the house is inhabited with mindfulness. We have some things that have become dear to our hearts. We want to be able to rely on our partners to handle our belongings well. We hand over the house clean and tidy, we would like to take it over again in the same state.
We have a Scandinavian stove with a glass front in the living room, which can be heated with wood.
We have the house full of books and there are Buddhas and other beautiful things around. Who likes it quite sober, may be surprised.
In addition to the normal dishes we have very nice glasses and some things that can be used, but not in the dishwasher.
We have wicker chairs in the living room, they break when you kneel or stand on it.
We have wooden floors, we take the shoes off like in Scandinavia and leave them in the hallway. I have orange trees and a banana in the bathroom, they have to be poured.
On the sofas you should take care of spots.
We have garden furniture, a large beach umbrella and two comfortable sun loungers, a small swing in the kitchen door, a hammock upstairs under the roof.
There are two bicycles.


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