Cozy townhouse in the middle of Munich

Saksa - Deutschland - München

Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,München,Wohnzimmer
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,München,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,München,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,München,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,München,House photos, home images
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Kodinvaihtoon tarjottavan kodin kuvailu

+ approx. 50 m2 city apartment (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom)
+ cozy, bright apartment overlooking the green courtyard
+ 1 x double bed with very good mattress, 1 x sofa bed, 1x air bed
+ 2x TV
+ Bathtub
+ fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge & freezer
+ very friendly and helpful neighbors
+ Dogs (with corresponding insurance) allowed in principle
+ Drying room for the laundry
+ Storage room
+ non-smoking apartment

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Ympäristön kuvailu

+ super central location in the middle of Munich
+ very popular and liveable district Munich-Schwabing
+ Subway, buses and trams within walking distance in 2-5 minutes
+ Supermarket, discounter, drugstore, pharmacy, organic supermarket, Asian market, bakery, butcher within walking distance in 2-5 minutes
+ many, different restaurants, bars, German beer gardens, shops, boutiques, department stores, kiosks in the immediate vicinity
+ Public swimming pool 3 minutes walk away
+ very close to the likewise very popular district "Maxvorstadt"
+ very close to the English Garden, Olympic Park and Luitpoldpark, BMW-Museum
+ very good connection to the Munich airport, to the motorway and to the train and bus station


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Kohdevinkkejä sekä aktiviteettisuosituksia sillä aikaa, jolloin asutte kodissamme

Why should you travel to Munich? One of the most beautiful and biggest cities in Germany...

Many people think of Munich as just the home of Oktoberfest but there’s so much more to see and do in Bavaria’s capital. As well as the many beautiful sights and museums in the city, it also makes the perfect base for exploring southern Germany and its many Alpine lakes. Whether you just want to relax with some locally brewed beer in a traditional Bavarian beer garden, visit one of the biggest christmas markets in Europe or hear up-and-coming musicians at a festival in summertime, Munich has something for everyone.

Reasons for a trip to Munich:
+ visit the world-famous Town Hall and see the carillon (called "Glockenspiel")
+ there are over 80 museums to choose from in Munich
+ beautiful buildings and architecture
+ An affectionate nickname for Munich is Millionendorf: Millionendorf implies that the city is a ‘village of a million’ – it might technically be huge and urban, but it sometimes feels much smaller and more rural.
+ Munich has the best of city life and the countryside (many public parks: for example, the famous 900-acre Englisch Garten or Olympic park)
+ many options for a great day trip: one of the most popular is Neuschwanstein Castle or Allianz Arena (football stadium)
+ A huge perk of Munich life is the city’s quick and convenient access to the mountains. Hop on a train and you’ll be at a trailhead in less than an hour. Paths are well marked, and most of them feature Almhütte where you can enjoy a beer surrounded by mountain air, adorable cows and breathtaking scenery
+ Traditional German food: from freshly, salty baked pretzels to giant roast pork knuckle or German sausages.
+ a highly functional infrastructure that features a comprehensive and reliable transit system
+ very safe city: there is little to no violent crime in Munich and the city boasts a strong culture of trust
+ Munich has a large international airport from which you can fly to other great cities in Europe. For example, Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, ...


Mistä tykkäämme ja mistä emme ... Tässä tottumuksimme ja kodimme säännöt.

It is important to us that our home and our neighbors are treated with respect. The apartment should be returned clean.
Of course, we also adhere to these principles. :)


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