Cosy family home near Munich & the Alps

Saksa - Bavaria - Haar

Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,View from the living room
View from the living room
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Terrace entrance from garden into the living room
Terrace entrance from garden into the living room
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Winter in Munich
Winter in Munich
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Sitting area in the living room
Sitting area in the living room
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Dinner table with view into kitchen
Dinner table with view into kitchen
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Kitchen
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Kitchen
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,bathroom 1st floor
Bathroom 1st floor
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,bathroom 1st floor
Bathroom 1st floor
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,bathroom 2nd floor
Bathroom 2nd floor
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Kids room 1st floor
Kids room 1st floor
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,parents room 2nd floor
Parents room 2nd floor
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Our cat Merlin
Our cat Merlin
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Our family summer 2017 in Austria
Our family summer 2017 in Austria
Kodinvaihdon maa,Germany,Haar,Garden
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LOOKING FOR EXCHANGES FOR 2020! Unfortunately we can‘t offer an exchange in 2019 anymore.
Our modern row house lies in the eastern suburb of the bavarian capital of Munich. It is part of a bunch of row houses which have a private open space for the kids to drive bike or just play around and separately a playground with swings and slide.
The train station is 10 min to walk. There are connections to Munich city (15 min train ride) or to the Chiemsee (45 min train ride). Over the motorway which is conveniently near it is around 30 to 45 min to the Alps or Salzburg by car or the Zugspitze / castle Neuschwanstein around 1.5 hrs by car.
If you want to go for a walk there is a nice wooden area near to stroll through. We are really at the border between the suburbs of Munich and the rural area around.
Our cat (18 years old) needs caring.
Ground floor: guest’s toilet, a very modern kitchen (with dishwasher, gas stove, fridge, water cooker and oven), dining space (equipped with a large dinning table, bench and chairs of nut tree wood) and living room (homely furnished with views into the green garden and trees (no other houses directly in front of our garden)).
1st floor: 2 boy’s room + 1 large bath room (bathtub, two washbasins and a separate shower)
2nd floor: Parent’s bedroom + small boy’s room + small bathroom
Basement: Washing Maschine and dryer
Garden: We changed the garden since the pics were taken, but we do not have new ones (shame!). The yellow play house is gone. We build a nice mediterranean elevated vegetable patch out of red brick. We have a terrace (see pic) and a new extra sitting area in our garden. The sitting area is quite shadowy and the terrace for sun lovers. There is a Gas BBQ to use.

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Directly at the borders of Munich our house is situated in a quiet, family friendly town. Directly in town are supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, a bookstore and a small trainstation (15 mn trainride to Munich Centre & around 40 trainride to Lake Chiemsee).


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In the nearer surroundings there are several smaller lakes to swim and walking tracks in the forest "Ebersberger Forst".
Famous bavarian lakes are in good distance for a daytrip: 60k to Chiemsee, 50k to Starnberger See, 60k to Ammersee, 40k to Tegernsee, 50k to Schliersee;
The Alps also offer spectacular daytrips: 100k to Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain), the nearest part of the Bavarian Alps are 40k away.
Munich itself offers every cultural aspect: theatres, opera, cinemas, restaurants, bars

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Our kids offer almost all of their toys for our exchange partners to use and are more than happy to find in our exchange homes equally some toys and games. Therefore our favourite exchange partners are families, but that’s no absolute necessity. Our cat is quite old (born 2000) and needs caring of while an exchange. He needs medicine in the morning and evening, but it's no problem to dispense it (mixed with something delicious). He's mainly indoors sleeping, in summer he sometimes sleeps in the garden by day. By night he should be always indoor, but he comes in without any problems. He doesn't stroll far any more. Of course we appreciate to find our home after an exchange as tidy as it was at the beginning and will treat your precious home equally careful. Our neighbours are friendly and helpful, but due to the closeness it's preferable that the amount of noise is kept at a normal level. ( No parties with loud music,...). We grow some vegetables in our garden and would be thankful if you could water the plants regularily on dry periods. That's just 5 min in the morning and evening, since it's a very small garden. We have a terrace and an extra sitting area in our garden. The sitting area is quite shadowy and the terrace for sun lovers. There is a Gas BBQ to use.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in our house. If you need to smoke in the garden, please make sure that no smokes comes indoor and please do not leave any smoked cigarettes lying around. We only want to do home exchange with people who are non-smokers or who smoke outside at their own home. The reason being is that we have someone with asthma in the family who is really easily affected by any smell of smoke.


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