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Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,House photos, home images
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Welcome to our house!
Welcome to our house!
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Kitchen with all appliances for gourmet food
Kitchen with all appliances for gourmet food
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,First child bedroom (with a hide-a-bed)
First child bedroom (with a hide-a-bed)
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Second child bedroom
Second child bedroom
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Main bedroom with kingsize bed and balcony
Main bedroom with kingsize bed and balcony
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Living room
Living room
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Sunroom with toys!
Sunroom with toys!
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,TV room
TV room
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,New backyard and deck
New backyard and deck
Kodinvaihdon maa,Canada,Longueuil,Mont St-Bruno forest with walking paths
Mont St-Bruno forest with walking paths
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Avoimia kaikille päivämäärille London, Royaume-Uni | Burlington, Vermont, États-Unis | Charlevoix, QC, Canada
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Kodinvaihtoon tarjottavan kodin kuvailu

**If you are looking for a long weekend in the Montreal area, we are always opened for long-weekend trips to the Cantons de l'Est, Ottawa, Québec city, Mont-Tremblant, Vermont or Boston!**

(Pas d'échange possible avec la France pour 2020, merci.)

Our house is a well planned and confortable semi-detached house with all you need for a nice and memorable stay:

Top floor:
- Main bedroom with king sized bed and balcony
- First child room with a full size single bed and a stow-a-way single bed, ideal for 2 children or teens
- Second child room with a full size single bed and a rocker
- Central air conditioning unit
- Full bathroom

Main floor:
- Well-equiped kitcheen to cook all the good stuff with can buy at local farmer's market
-Dining area with a 4-6 seating possibility
- Living room decorated with family heirlooms and a fireplace
- 4 seasons sunroom used as main dining room and play room
- Small bathroom

- Home cinema room with a 44 inches flat screen TV, PS3, Wii, and Netflix TV
- Pull out double size bed in the corner sofa unit
- Full bathroom
- Garage with bikes

If you have young children, you will find everything from a playpen, loads of toys, high chair and booster. We have cleaning personnel who come every two weeks to keep the house nice and clean!

Our lawn is small.. but has everything you need! The outside is nicely landscaped, and you will be able to enjoy all summer long the flowers, the vegetable garden and the BBQ. Eat outside later in the evening with agreable lighting for your convenience. The quiet and intimate backyard will have you enjoy barbecueing, and make it your specialty.

Oh ya,... that's why you're coming here!! Montreal is a cultural hubbub and a foodies' paradise. If you come with your kids, this city will amaze them, either with the biodome, with all it's animals and ecosystems, the planetarium, the botanical garden, or just with a horse cart ride in Old Montreal. Enjoy the cultural scene, with numerous free festivals non-stop during the whole summer, varying from jazz music, to comedy and aboriginal festival to name but a few, without forgetting Cirque du Soleil shows! Eat out and discover the world's cuisine in one city, french, italian, chinese, japanese, north african, south african, korean, indian ... name it! Go on a padle board, a surf board or a kayak on the Lachine rapids, and enjoy a picnic on mount Royal during the sunday afternoon tamtam fest. See the international fireworks competition every wednesday and saturday evenings during summer, at about 5 min walk from our house!

If you are here a little while, our house is near the main highways to Ottawa (2h30) and Quebec City (2h). Two great canadian cities worth visiting!

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Ympäristön kuvailu

The house's surroundings is just great! Either you are looking to play tennis in summer or go skiing in winter, all is available within a short distance from our house. In the city park behind our house, you can go and take a swim, play tennis or soccer, play petanque or bring the kids to the play ground! If you want more, you can go to the regional park (Michel Chartrand Park) and enjoy a pleiad of activities such a biking, walking, running, rollerblading, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, fat biking etc.. Several summer festivals and concerts also take place at this park. Golf players will be served with several renowned golf courses nearby! Several stores, restaurants and supermarkets are within a walking distance of our house for all your needs. If you are bike addicts, you can hop on the green road at the corner of our street, which comprises cycling lanes that takes you all over the province of Quebec. The bus also stops at the corner of our street which leads you to Montreal within 20 min.

Even if we live in the suburbs, our walk score is 80, which means you can run most of your errands by foot!


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Kohdevinkkejä sekä aktiviteettisuosituksia sillä aikaa, jolloin asutte kodissamme

We could provide you with all necessary informations to prepare your trip in Québec. Being done through Internet or otherwise. Our neighbors will be expecting you in Longueuil to hand you the keys and to help you out. Do not hesitate to contact us; and we would be ready to discuss any mutually agreeable period of exchange. Some interesting web sites on QUEBEC

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  • Picolina

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  • Brulerie St-Denis
  • The Joker

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  • Ste-Catherine street
  • Promenades St-Bruno

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  • Jazz festival
  • Just for laughs festival
  • Cirque du Soleil show

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  • Parc Michel Chartrand

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  • Econofitness
  • Énergie Cardio

Mielenkiintoiset päiväretket

  • St-Bruno provincial parc
  • Mont Tremblant ski resort
  • Orford national park (SÉPAQ)


Mistä tykkäämme ja mistä emme ... Tässä tottumuksimme ja kodimme säännöt.

We cannot exchange with a family that has pets, since our oldest son is allergic to cats and afraid of dogs. We don't smoke and prefer you do not smoke in our house. Since pot is now legal in Canada, we DO NOT allow any drugs in our house. Also, we are in friendly relationship with our neighbours, and would like that it remains this way, so please be mindful, so no partying or loud music,


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