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Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Spacious deck with BBQ makes outdoor eating easy
Spacious deck with BBQ makes outdoor eating easy
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Open plan living/dining/kitchen overlooks the sea
Open plan living/dining/kitchen overlooks the sea
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Extra seating at island bench
Extra seating at island bench
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Lie in bed and look at the sea!
Lie in bed and look at the sea!
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Second bedroom
Second bedroom
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Bunkbeds sleep four
Bunkbeds sleep four
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Main bathroom with separate toilet
Main bathroom with separate toilet
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Main bathroom
Main bathroom
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Ensuite
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Sea and hillside views from all bedrooms
Sea and hillside views from all bedrooms
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,The water bowl attracts thirsty birds, wallabies
The water bowl attracts thirsty birds, wallabies
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,All bedrooms open onto the veranda.
All bedrooms open onto the veranda.
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Share your morning coffee with visiting blue wrens
Share your morning coffee with visiting blue wrens
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Penneshaw beach is sheltered and safe
Penneshaw beach is sheltered and safe
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Our local bottlenose dolphin pod
Our local bottlenose dolphin pod
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,Rare glossy-black cockatoos gather at sunset
Rare glossy-black cockatoos gather at sunset
Kodinvaihdon maa,Australia,PENNESHAW,An inquisitive visitor
An inquisitive visitor
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This airy house is 300m from the sea at Penneshaw, on Kangaroo Island, tucked in a peaceful valley on the edge of the town and surrounded by bush. Wallabies are common visitors, and local wildlife includes dolphins, seals, whales, kangaroos, penguins, superb blue wrens, wedgetail eagles and the rare glossy-black cockatoo.

A large shaded deck overlooks the sea, and all bedrooms have sea views. For the active visitor there are two surf kayaks and a ping pong table, and Penneshaw's beautiful beach is a 5 minute walk. A hammock on the veranda will suit those wanting to enjoy nothing more than warm winds, a sapphire sea and the sound of waves.

Kangaroo Island is quiet, remote and quite large (150 km in length, 4,400 sq km in area). It has an abundance of wildlife, with one-quarter of the island set aside as conservation park or wilderness reserve. There are beautiful beaches along the north coast while the more rugged south coast offers surfing and fresh air all the way from the Antarctic.

Penneshaw is little more than a post office, pub and petrol station, but it does have a well-stocked general store. Evening meals are available at the pub, pizzeria and fish and chip shop, but be prepared for some self-catering.

As there is no public transport on the island a car is essential. Visitors can either bring a car from the mainland or or rent one on the island.

Several wineries offer lunch platters of local produce and have beautiful views of the water. Fishing is good, and day trips can be arranged with a number of tour operators. A drive to Flinders Chase National Park at the western end of the island is a must.

The island is beautiful at any time of the year but favourite times to visit are spring (Sept/Oct/Nov)and autumn (March/April/May). January and February are hot but there are many beaches to choose from for a swim.

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My house is one of several in a row going up the hill so there are helpful neighbours on both sides. However, because the house looks out over a largely wild valley and hillside, to the sea, it feels quite isolated and private. With only 15 houses on the road, not much traffic goes up and down. It's an easy 15 minute walk past the beach to the Penneshaw post office, coffee shop and general store. There are also community tennis courts, playground, BBQ facilities on the beach, a skateboard park and a golf course. It's a friendly community, in a pretty setting, and neatly maintained.


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It is a 3 minute walk down the hill to the shoreline, and then another 5 minutes along the coast to the main Penneshaw beach, a lovely curved sandy bay safe for children, with rock pools for exploring at either end. Access to the beach is easy, with several areas for parking right next to the sand. To the east of the house and a steep 10 minute walk (2 min drive) from the house is Baudin Conservation Park, home to many wallabies and kangaroos, as well as at least one pair of wedge-tail eagles. The park's walking track provides spectacular views over Backstairs Passage and the mainland.


Mistä tykkäämme ja mistä emme ... Tässä tottumuksimme ja kodimme säännöt.

Visitors need to be vigilant about closing the gate before dark as the wallabies, which are nocturnal, would love nothing better than to munch my garden plants.


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