Penthouse (Austraalia - New South Wales - Point Frederick)

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  • For me, and perhaps I should say for us, the greatest charms of travel is that it offers an unique escape to be just ourself, regardless of all and any daily trivial trifles. At the same time trying to be a conscientious traveler. We are very grateful to Brenda and Richard with whom we agreed to exchange houses for a month. They are very welcoming. Like the first day, for diner a delicious quiche was waiting for us. Our travel arrangements, included a short trip to Melbourne while we were already staying at their place. The unsolicited offer on their part to drive us to the airport and pick us up a few day later was tremendously helpful, which is no uncertain terms an eloquent testimony of gracious thoughtful persons they are. Also we could make more than adequate preparation with the information they gave us, including Maps and other information they had taken time out to gather and compile useful tips . As for their place, is was simply super. We enjoyed the walk (almost every day) to town or to catch the train to Sydney, Hornsby etc. etc. Going to Sydney and then on to Manly Island and passing the sight of iconic Oprah house lived up to all our expectation. With our daughter and her husband we went to parks and beaches and having the glimpse of beauty and splendour that what Australia is all about. Even fiddler crabs in mangrove swamp was putting on the style, though with muddy jingle jangle splice and splash and side swing and muddy tango. Not to forget some relics of aboriginal artworks to appreciate and to behold in these many parkland and nature reserves. Gosford is an excellent locations to stay and to explore the central coast, especially traveling by train is a great option. It was simply great for us to be in Gosford. l suppose as Huxley puts it "Secret of genius is to carry into old age, which means never loosing your enthusiasm .” Perhaps he should have added to travel as well. Regards Elma and kane

  • We felt welcome.

    We had such a great time at your place and when we met you at our place before you left. Beautiful people and moments to remember.

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