Australia - Sunshine Coast - Apartment (Austraalia - Queensland - BUDERIM)

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  • We felt quickly at home in this nice duplex !

    Dennis and Sue are really nice people who organised their place very well so that we felt immediately at home. Their house is situated in a beautiful surrounding with friendly neighbours. There is so much nature to see and thinks to do that our month in Buderim went really fast. We will return to Australia : ) . Thanks Sue & Dennis for this great swap !

  • Everything was wonderful and very "user friendly"

    Dennis and Sue initiated the exchange with us almost one year prior to it happening. It worked out that we were able to meet the same day they arrived at our home and we departed for theirs in Australia. It was like we were "old friends" immediately. They seemed to enjoy our home and all that Vancouver and surrounding area had to offer. We certainly enjoyed Buderim and found many places to explore. It was a pleasure meeting Dennis, Sue and Sue's sister, Julie and we will always remember what a fabulous time we had at their home in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It was wonderful in every way possible. Thank you and we will continue to be in touch. Sandra and George


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