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Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,House in the winter
House in the winter
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Bedroom 1, one wide single bed
Bedroom 1, one wide single bed
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Bedroom 2, one single bed
Bedroom 2, one single bed
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Living room
Living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Kitchen
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Kitchen
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Bathroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Master bedroom ensuite, shower
Master bedroom ensuite, shower
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Sauna
Koduvahetuse riik,Finland,Pieksämäki,Clothes dryer
Clothes dryer
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We had our four-bedroom, two-bathroom house built in 2002. Our house has a light-filled kitchen with all necessary amenities, a private sauna with an electric sauna stove and a cozy garden. We have underfloor heating which is very comfortable, and although we have a fireplace, no extra heating is needed even in the dead of winter. There is also air conditioning which keeps the house cool and comfortable.

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Our house is located in a quiet residential area 2.5 km (1.5 mi.) from the town center of Pieksämäki. Our neighborhood is green, peaceful and safe - perfect for relaxing. You can even sneak out to the garden from the sauna to cool off without having to worry about neighbors watching you! The services of the town (grocery stores, marketplace, library, pharmacy, among others) are easily reached by our car, which we are offering for exchange as well. In the summer, you can also ride to town on our bicycles.

You can enjoy various sports and the outdoors around the year right next to our home. There are golf, tennis, soccer and disc golf grounds as well as swimming beaches and forest trails just nearby. In the winter, our house is a stone’s throw away from various well-maintained ski tracks in the forest, on the field and on the ice of the lake, as well as a tour skating track. There is also a newly renovated indoor swimming hall within walking distance, and a winter ice swimming spot at the lake for the daring!

The most important cultural sights in our neighborhood and in Pieksämäki are the old rectory Iso-Pappila and the Old Church which both represent the traditional wooden architecture of the area. There is also the cultural centre Poleeni, which is home to a library, a theater, a café and a music school, among other things. Additionally, there are a few small museums, including the charming Savonian Railroad Museum.


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The town of Pieksämäki is centrally located at the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, with good connections to larger cities and other places in all points of the compass. Several larger cities (Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, Kuopio, Savonlinna and Varkaus) with lively culture, all sorts of activities, renowned Finnish architecture and design, and fascinating history are within 30 to 75 minutes by car or train.

Pieksämäki is a railroad crossing, and traveling anywhere by train is quick, convenient and inexpensive – including St. Petersburg, which is only four hours by train at best and only requires one change of trains. Helsinki is three hours by train and four by car; since that is where you usually fly, it’s convenient to spend either the beginning or the end of your vacation getting to know the capital region. You can even take a road trip to Lapland and see the fabulous northern lights in the winter or the midnight sun in the summer; Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle is six to seven hours away.

Our area, the Lakeland, is excellent for experiencing something very Finnish: the Everyman’s Rights. In Finland, every person is granted permission by law to spend time in the nature on anyone’s land or forest walking, biking, horse riding, swimming, plucking berries and mushrooms, picking flowers, and angling. Our town is surrounded by plenty of forest and nature which is just right for such activities. There are also a couple of national parks nearby and forest cabins in untouched wilderness which are worth a visit.

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We like our house clean and tidy and would expect to find it pretty much the way we left it. We have full insurances for our house and car and would prefer if you had them as well. The only restriction to car exchanges is no driving to Russia since our insurance doesn't cover that, but there are a few daily train connections from Pieksämäki to St. Petersburg if you wish to go.

We have a dog, but since it's quite labor-intensive to take care of him, he will be boarded in a dogsitter family when we travel. Correspondingly, we would wish to exchange with partners without pets to take care of.

A couple of members in our family are extremely allergic to mold dust. For this reason, we would kindly ask you to refuse from exchanging with us if you have/suspect any mold or indoor air problems in your house.


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