Small cozy old building apartment!

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Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,Front of the building
Front of the building
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,living room
Living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,living room
Living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,living room
Living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,bedroom with french bed
Bedroom with french bed
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,kitchen
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,kitchen with entrance to balcony
Kitchen with entrance to balcony
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,bathroom with small bathtub
Bathroom with small bathtub
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,hall
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,building hall with stairway
Building hall with stairway
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,canals of "three countries`corner"
Canals of "three countries`corner"
Koduvahetuse riik,Germany,Berlin,Japanese Cherry Trees in Autum
Japanese Cherry Trees in Autum
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01.01.2020 - 31.03.2020 Avatud kõigile sihtkohtadele
01.01.2020 - 30.04.2020 New Zealand
01.01.2020 - 30.04.2020 Australia
01.01.2020 - 30.04.2020 Südamerika

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Vibrant and arty, rough and smooth, old and new, perfect and unperfect - my apartment is the center of my Berlin life and reflects the city itself pretty well, because it is in a constant development.
Because I did so much by myself, I want people to value end enjoy the result as much as I do :-)
As normal for a buliding from 1915, there is a small bathroom and a small kitchen, as well as a living room and a bedroom with high ceilings and big windows. Located in the 4th floor (no elevator!), the sun reaches every room even in wintertime. In summer you can enjoy morning coffee in the the sun on the small balcony before going out exploring the city.
For a big city, it it pretty quiet in my street and sundays in summer you can wake up with church bells and birds singing ( if the window ist open).

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Here you can live history. The house used to be in the former eastern part of Germany. The great Berlin wall was located right in front of it. You can follow the marking on the streets in a 20min walk to some of the last pieces of the wall in front of the east train station, one of the many attractions of Berlin.
The area I live is also known as "three countries` corner", because three districts (Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Alt-Treptow) meet here just seperated by the canals water. (Did you know Berlin has more bridges than Venice? ;-) )

Berlin is easy to explore by public transportation. Busses are very close, and the Ringbahn (subway going in a circle) is just a 15min walk/5min busride. With the subway you get around very easy to all districts of Berlin. The option of renting a car or a bike in some streets close by is no problem if you use your smart phone.
Supermarkets are a 2min walk away.


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Meie soovitused, kuhu minna ja mida teha ajal, kui viibite meie kodus

In spring you can walk along the canal sourrounded by the beautiful flowers of the Japanese Cherry Trees, once a gift from Japan or go for the Tulips in Britzer Garden.
In summer you take a great walk on the former airfield, where the planes (Rosinenbomber) started to supply East Berlin with care packages during the Cold War, go for a swim in one of the many lakes like "Teufelsee" and enjoy crazy icecream combinations like Gorgonzola-Fig.
In autum you go for black light minigolf, stroll through Treptower park with a hot coffee in you hands and catch the last pieces of sun on the Warschauer bridge listening to the streetmusicians while watching the sundown behind the Funkturm on Alexanderplatz.
In winter you hang around in one of the cozy cafés in the up-and-coming Weserstraße, visit one of the great art museums on the Museum Island, enjoy the wonderful Hamam in Kreuzberg, go for a concert or do it yourself at Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke.
(Please check out the links I povided further down the page at the recommendations for more impressions and fotos)

So if you want to find out about the number of bridges in Berlin, eat the original Curry Wurst, dance all night, have a great day of shopping in Friedrichshain.... -
you can do so from my place :-)

There are so many things to do for everyone, I can not mention them all.
Most of the things I wrote about are close to my place and for everything else you have the public transportation.
When you go to stay at my place and tell me about your prefences, I`ll be happy to provide you with more information and help you with the cheapest ticket option for public transportation, best supermarkets, etc. ... or you go and explore everything by yourself :-)
And don`t be afraid of a language barrier - almost everyone speaks English and you will hear a lot of different languages in the streets.

I just want you to be happy at my place!

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Mis meile meeldib ja mis mitte ... Siin on meie eelistused ja kodu reeglid.

I want you to like my place and have a great time, so I expect people who like something to treat it well. Nothing special, I think.
I am not in general against kids, but I don `t think it is the best place for them. Please just talk to me if you have kids.


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