La Amistad Cloud forest Retreat-Quetzals, etc

Panama - Chiriqui Province - Las Nubes

Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Entry to house
Entry to house
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Outside landscape/kitchen window/park trees
Outside landscape/kitchen window/park trees
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Living room with panoramic windows
Living room with panoramic windows
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Living room
Living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Kitchen
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Kitchen table and view into living room
Kitchen table and view into living room
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Second bedroom
Second bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Master bathroom
Master bathroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Second bathroom
Second bathroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Molas (Panamanian Wall Hangings)
Molas (Panamanian Wall Hangings)
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Covered patio outside bedroom
Covered patio outside bedroom
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Birds eye view of property
Birds eye view of property
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Neighboring view of property
Neighboring view of property
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Neighboring view of property
Neighboring view of property
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Resplendent Quetzal from our living room window
Resplendent Quetzal from our living room window
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,Resplendent Quetzal from our living room window
Resplendent Quetzal from our living room window
Koduvahetuse riik,Panama,Las Nubes,1 of many hummingbird varieties seen on property
1 of many hummingbird varieties seen on property
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Our home is a 5 minute walk to an international park shared with Costa Rica known as Parque Internacional La Amistad.. This park is known to have the most endemic species in the world. At an elevation6 of 2,000 m (6,700 ft.), the climate is spring-like year round. Trails take you along mountain streams and through a lush cloud forest where the magnificent Resplendent Quetzals commonly nest. This bird can be seen sitting in our living room as can many varieties of hummingbirds and tanagers. There have been over 80 different species of birds identified on this property.... We are situated in a farming valley where the vegetable for the country of Panama are grown. A 15 minute drive down a recently paved road takes you to the small town of Cerro Punta and a further 20 minutes to Volcan where you will find grocery stores, bakeries, banks and a good variety of restaurants. Situated on a picturesque lot with a stream, the house is 1,100 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and is fully and comfortably furnished, including a completely equipped kitchen, Panamanian artistry and we have even added a great pair of binoculars! We enjoy a lovely fire in our fireplace every evening, along with the magic of seasonal fireflies!

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Our house is adjacent to the park and very private. We live on the edge of a very small farming village. Indigenous workers in the fields can be seen from sunup to sundown every day of the year. The views of magnificent ancient trees in the park are breathtaking from our large picture windows going across the entire living room, dining room/kitchen. We have neighbors right up the street who keep a watch over the house and we have a security alarm system in place. In the 14 years since the house was built we have had no problems of any sort to be concerned about. Las Nubes is more like a village than a town. There are no large grocery stores but we do have one tiny community restaurant. There are approximately 40 homes in the community. This location is a wonderful staging spot for exploring all throughout western Panama.


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In addition to hiking and bird watching in the park, you will find many other interesting activities such as Dracula Orchid Farm (an internationally known orchid breeder), Volcan Baru National Park, Barilles Archaeological Site, white water rafting on the Chiriqui Viejo River, or snorkeling and fishing either on the Pacific or Caribbean Oceans (2 hrs away). Boca del Toro, a very popular tourist attraction with eco lodges etc. is accessed within several hours from the house. We supply maps of the area. It is a beautiful 1 1/2 drive to Bouquete a renowned tourist town or you could visit one of the many coffee plantations in our area.

Meie lemmikrestoranid

  • Los Quetzales Eco Lodge Restaurant, in Guadalupe
  • La Carbonara in Volcan
  • The Wandering Sloth in Volcan

Head ostlemiskohad

  • Romero Grocery Store in Volcan
  • Rancho de Boor--specialty meat market

Vaba aja ja kultuuritegevused

  • Barilles Archeological Site--Volcan
  • Dracula Orchid Farm--Guadalupe

Jalutamis- ja jooksurajad

  • Parque Internacional la Amistad
  • Pipeline Trail (hike from Bouquete to Bajo Grande)
  • Volcan Baru--Bouquete

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When we first bought this house we thought we would use it as a vacation rental. I, therefore, wrote extensive directions on every single thing we could think of about the house from how to change the water filter system to how to make hummingbird nectar!!! You name it, I wrote it down!! So-- you will find a very thorough booklet of helpful hints that we KNOW will suffice! We never did use it as a rental but at least all my work will now come in handy for YOU! When trading homes we will honor your home as ours and expect the same from you. We will leave the house as we found it, but we would appreciate it you leave us a clean set of sheets so we can change the bedding for your arrival and we will do the same. Our neighbor will come to the house after you vacate and set the alarm system. It is extremely important that you close all windows and lock the doors every time you leave for the day. When leaving a final time, close the roll down window shades in the bedrooms, the curtain on the bedroom glass doors, and the living room roll down shades please. We DO leave the dehumidifier on at all times. Do close the driveway gate and our neighbor will come to lock it.


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