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Kanada - ON - Martintown

Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,The house in summer with studio in background
The house in summer with studio in background
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,The house in winter
The house in winter
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,The day before our son's wedding.
The day before our son's wedding.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,The wedding tent on our lawn Aug 2014
The wedding tent on our lawn Aug 2014
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,A rainbow as seen from the bedroom.
A rainbow as seen from the bedroom.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,The master bedroom.
The master bedroom.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,Guest bedroom with exercise bike.
Guest bedroom with exercise bike.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,Ready for coffee.
Ready for coffee.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,A visitor by Johanne's studio.
A visitor by Johanne's studio.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,A blue jay outside the kitchen window.
A blue jay outside the kitchen window.
Koduvahetuse riik,Canada,Martintown,Hanz and Johanne in Portugal April 2015.
Hanz and Johanne in Portugal April 2015.
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Our home is 2880 sq ft (268sq m) and situated on 40 acres (16 ha) of mostly forested land. The house is a modern, well maintained two story. There are several walking and ski trails behind the house as well as a variety of wildlife in our forest. We have the advantage of a quiet rural lifestyle but are in easy driving distance to Ottawa and Montreal. This affords us all the benefits and entertainment of the nation's capital and second largest city. (rail connections are within 20km and Toronto is a 4 hr trip). The village of Martintown is within 3km and the city of Cornwall 20km. With wooden decks on three sides of the house you can always find a spot in the sun or shade. The yard has fruit and shade trees as well as a number of flower beds and a garden area. With no urban light pollution you can see the stars while enjoying the hot tub or a moonlight swim in the heated pool. In the winter there is crosscountry and alpine skiing nearby. We are looking for an exchange which would accommodate four people in April 2019 ideally in northwestern Germany or possibly the Netherlands. As we have a second residence (cottage on Lac Indien in Quebec) we are open to our exchange partners coming anytime April through September.

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Martintown is a friendly little village. KC's convenience store serves as a post office and liquor outlet. The Trading Post offers a selection of antiques, gifts and a small cafe while The Grand Hotel is a country chic resto/bar. The Martintown Grist Mill is open every Sunday in the summer and showcases local artists and a farmer's market. The Martintown Goodtimes host a variety of monthly events at the community center including yoga, contract bridge, bowling, excursions and breakfasts. It's a good way to meet members of the community. There are several golf courses within a short drive. Lancaster Perch is a local delicacy and a number of public parks and marinas are nearby. The Cooper's Marsh visitor area and boardwalks are one of the many trails available. Try the Summerstown Trails and Gray's Creek, or the extensive bike paths along the St. Lawrence. In Lancaster stop by Glengarry Cheese and enjoy several of their products which have won top international cheese prizes.


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Glengarry County is a unique area that celebrates its rich Celtic heritage through numerous festivals, vents, halls of fame and landmarks. Ontario's first settlement and Canada's first county, Glengarry is located between the Ottawa and St Lawrence Rivers and borders New York State. (NY City is 636 km southeast) Pride in Aboriginal, Scottish and French Canadian roots is highlighted in a wide range of festivities. The Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville is one of the largest Gathering of the Clans in the world. The Williamstown Fair is the oldest continuous country fair in the country. Enjoy the many parks, get in touch with nature at a conservation area or saunter along a recreational trail. Take in the Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan ora the Nor'Westers & Loyalist Museum in Williamstown. Visit McMaze. A short drive east of Cornwall is Upper Canada Village, rated one of the top ten attractions in Canada. Check www.southglengarry.com and www.northglengarry.ca

Meie lemmikrestoranid

  • Georgian House in Alexandria
  • Snitzels in Cornwall
  • Dimitri's

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  • Jack's Pub in Williamstown

Head ostlemiskohad

  • Life's Little Pleasures in Cornwall
  • Laura's Gifts in Cornwall

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  • Aultsville Hall in Cornwall
  • Upper Canada Village highway #2
  • McMaze on Willy Allen Road off Hw 138

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  • All along the St. Lawrence River
  • Friends of the Glengarry Trails
  • Cooper Marsh

Jõusaalid või spordiklubid

  • Nav Canada in Cornwall
  • St. Lawrence College - Yoga classes

Põnevad ühepäevareisid

  • Lac Pink - Gatineau Park
  • Wakefield Quebec
  • Montobello Quebec

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We have a pet that is an outdoor cat and will need some care. We put him in the studio at sunset but he does not always come at that time and is quite capable of using one of his other shelters. We feed him in the morning when we let him out, and at night when we put him in.


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