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Germany - Thüringen - Jena, 1k, 1k,

Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,backyard
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,View of our house.
View of our house.
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,kitchen
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,kitchen
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,kitchen
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,kitchen
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,bathroom
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,bathroom
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,bedroom
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,play-room
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,our terace
Our terace
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,child's room 1
Child's room 1
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,parents room
Parents room
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,child's room 2
Child's room 2
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,child's room 3
Child's room 3
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,House photos, home images
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Dörte
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Philipp
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Merlin
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Piet
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Jasper
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Poodle Pepper
Poodle Pepper
Home exchange in,Germany,Jena, 1k, 1k,,Jena
  • Sleeping capacity6
  • Bedrooms2
  • Bathrooms1

Simultaneous Home Exchange

Long-term Home Exchange

Homesit Offered

Youth Exchange

Smoking Not Allowed

Children Welcome

Car Exchange is offered/negotiable

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Our Home For Exchange

Description of the home we are offering for exchange

Our 4-room-flat is located in the heart of Jena, a university city. We have all you need, to have a good journey. We`ve got ono sleeping room, one children sleeping room, one living room and a huge play-room, with all what a children heart loves. There is plenty of space for all of you. And if you like, you could borrow our bicycles and go on a daytrip and discover the landscape and nature in and around Jena.
We have a huge community-garden behind the house with a little playground, table tennis table and sandbox. There we have a terrace, which only we use, with tables and barbecue.
It's a 15 minutes walk to city center and a 10 minutes walk to the train station.
If you arrive with children, Jena offers a lot of activities. In our neighborhood are a lot of playgrounds. There are also an optical museum, an experiment-museum, an indoor-playground, two open air baths, a climbing-hall, the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium.


Apartment/ Main Residence


  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Equipped for Children
  • Garden
  • Heating
  • Baby Equipment
  • Terrace / Patio


  • Computer available
  • DVD
  • Internet access
  • Piano
  • TV
  • Wireless Internet (WiFi)
  • Family Room / Playroom


  • Babysitter available
  • Use of bicycle(s)


  • Urban


Description of our neighbourhood and surrounding area

In our neightborhood there are a lot of familys and a lot of students. Next to our flat(200m) are two supermarkets and a drugstore. There are also one little city-playground and one bigger playground in the park.ut Jena also lends itself to a famous culture trip. If you like plants and flowers for example, you can visit the botanical garden. Our you visit one of the many museums. You find a glass museum, the city museum, the house of romanticism, the memorial to Goethe. In the city you will find also the Zeiss planetarium – the world’s oldest planetarium or the house of theatre. In the summer in jena is a big six-week festival Kulturarena, an open-air summer festival in the city centre with theatre, film, children’s events and concerts.

Outdoor Activities

  • Biking
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • River


  • Park / Playground

Cultural Activities

  • Museums
  • Popular Monuments
  • Theatre

Transport Nearby

  • Bus
  • Train Station

Neighbourhood Services

  • Bakery
  • Corner Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Supermarket


Our home exchange - places to go and things to do while staying in our home

Jena offers a lot of little cafes and restaurants. There are high-class restaurants and also low-budget student restaurants. So you can change what you want.
If you stay longer you can make a trip in the UNESCO Heritage City Weimar. You will arrive it in 15min with the train. Weimar's cultural heritage is vast. Weimar has as many as three entries in UNESCO’s World Heritage List: Classical Weimar fronting 13 buildings and architectural ensembles, the 3 Bauhaus buildings  and the Memory of the World, containing handwritten manuscripts by Goethe. But Weimar offers a lot more. Intersting museums, wonderful parks, churches till the nazi concentration camp, known as Buchenwald.
In 30minutes with the train you can visit Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia. Erfurt offers a lot of old culture monuments and places.

Our favourite restaurants

Cafés & bars

Leisure and cultural activities

Walks or jogging paths

Health or fitness clubs

Interesting day trips

Our Preferences

Our home exchange - here are our Preferences and House Rules

Please check our exchange preferences below


  • Children Welcome
  • Pets Allowed
  • Smoking Not Allowed
  • Pet Care Offered
  • Plant Care Not Needed

Car Exchange

  • Car Exchange is offered/negotiable

Home Exchange Type

  • Simultaneous Home Exchange
  • Long-term Home Exchange
  • Homesit Offered
  • Youth Exchange

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