How it works

List your home

1. List your home

Create your home exchange listing. Fill in information on your exchange home, targeted destinations, and family profile, that other members can see.

2. Search for exchanges

Find homes that match your travel plans and exchange partners who share your interests, by using our advanced search criteria.

Search for exchanges
Connect with other members

3. Connect with other members

Send and receive home exchange offers using the secure HomeLink messaging system - without revealing your personal email address.

4. Agree on the exchange

Discuss dates and details with your exchange partner. When ready, use the on-line HomeLink Exchange Agreement Form to confirm your exchange.

Agree on the exchange
Get ready and go!

5. Get ready and go!

Prepare your home, as described in the 10 Principles for a Successful Home Exchange and leave reassured - knowing your home will be in the good hands of another HomeLink member like you!


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