Belgium - Bruges, 5k, NW - House (2 floors+)

Belgien - Vlaanderen - Brugge

Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our home in the snow
Our home in the snow
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our home
Our home
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our cul-de-sac
Our cul-de-sac
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our cul-de-sac (but with one of my old Honda CRV)
Our cul-de-sac (but with one of my old Honda CRV)
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,lounge - living room
Lounge - living room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,lounge - living room
Lounge - living room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,dining room
Dining room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,kitchen
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,kitchen
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our cosy garden with pond
Our cosy garden with pond
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our bedroom, with super kingsize bed
Our bedroom, with super kingsize bed
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,spare room (ironing room :-) now with a real bed
Spare room (ironing room :-) now with a real bed
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,spare room
Spare room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,shower room
Shower room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,Gina and Michel (but now with short hair :-)
Gina and Michel (but now with short hair :-)
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,our family: Maaike, Michel, Lynn and Gina
Our family: Maaike, Michel, Lynn and Gina
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,Pippa, our well behaved sausage dog, loved by all
Pippa, our well behaved sausage dog, loved by all
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,Bruges
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,Ypres, Tyne Cot
Ypres, Tyne Cot
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Belgium,Brugge,Gina en Michel
Gina en Michel
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Beschreibung unseres Tauschangebotes

BRUGES! Need I Say more ...?! We live in a rural area with all conveniences of urban life. Previous exchangers were delighted with our home and location. Bruges has been elected as "The 3rd friendliest city in the world 2019" according to a poll by travel website Big 7 Travel: "One of the friendliest cities in Europe is Bruges, a fairytale place in Belgium. The charming atmosphere is hard to match, with a village feel and locals who go the extra mile to welcome tourists. From walking guides to the waiter who serves your hot chocolate and waffles, the people here make Bruges stand out".

Omio (French online travel comparator) examined which European cities are the most budget-friendly overall. In doing so, they looked at activities as well as catering and public transport. They examined how cheap the beer is, how much you pay for dinner for two and whether there are free drinking fountains. In that case, Grenada and Bruges come out on top. London, on the other hand, turns out to be very expensive when transport and food are also considered: the British capital is only 93rd in this overall ranking.

The prestigious and authoritative American luxury travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler just (2022) made its annual lists of favourite destinations, with Bruges coming in at number 8 in the world ranking of smaller cities, moreover as the only Belgian city in the list. "Impeccably well-preserved city centre with cobblestones and canals" and chosen by travellers looking for quiet, small and understated destinations where comfort comes first. "The right kind of less is more," concluded the editors of Condé Nast.
Bruges is the loveliest city in Europe: her museums, historical sites, restaurants and cafes (with more than 1,500 kinds of the world-famous Belgian beers)...Keeping a visitor occupied for more than a few days. It is an ideal destination if you are looking for a low-key place to relax. in 2018 Bruges had 8.3 million tourists! And it is a good base for visiting Ypres, Passchendaele (less than 60 km), Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam or Paris ...
We have been Exchanging 30 times in the past; and have done 23 house sittings. Since our daughters left home, we are home Exchanging again. We still are good friends for over 25 years with a family from our first Danish home swap, once in a while, we visit each other (and had a wonderful exchange again with them in 2017); also with Dutch couples we still have nice get-together's.
Preferably no small children: we have a pond.
We do answer all mail!


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Beschreibung unserer Nachbarschaft und Gegend

We live in Sint Andries, only 5 Km from the centre of the well-known city of BRUGES. (Europe's 2002 Cultural Capital) a lively city, but a city for people.
Our neighbourhood is very nice, with peaceful surroundings. The maximum speed in our quarter is 30 km/hr. We have friendly and welcoming neighbours. In addition it is very child-friendly: our street is a save and quiet cul-de-sac, of only 4 houses. The only traffic is very local. 
It is real nice to wake up in the morning while listening to the singing birds (30 years ago, we used to live on a very busy road).  
Different shops (department stores as well as neighbourhood-shops, butchers, bakeries…) and lovely forests (which were highly appreciated by most of our home exchange friends) are very nearby. You only need to walk 5 minutes to our Olympic swimming pool, the football stadium (FC Bruges), and the bowling hall. Tennis and horse riding are also nearby.  
A few km from here we have a brand-new cinema-complex (since July 2006). 
Bus stops are just within a few minutes walking distance. Nearby, we have a very user-friendly and cheap park-and-ride bus system.

One of our previous home exchangers described it as:"...feeling that we are out in the country while enjoying all the conveniences of modern urban life...This is the 4th time we have exchanged houses, but the first time we are leaving 'too early', wishing we could extend the exchange for another two weeks, staying in your sweet home has been a very relaxing and pleasant experience"

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Das sollten Sie sehen oder unternehmen, während Ihrem Tausch bei uns

Bruges! Ghent, Antwerp, Paris,... The Commemoration of the First World War in Belgium.
Ypres (In Flanders Fields), Passchendaele (Tyne Cot) are less than 60 km away.
I do not think I have to tell you much about it.
It is very touristy, well known in the whole world and beyond (Venice of the North!).
Cultural with lots of museums (famous for, amongst others, the Flemish Primitives),
theatres and the canals. The horse-drawn coaches, lots of very good restaurants (including Michelin stars - even in our direct neighbourhood.
Of course our world famous Belgian chocolates, our world famous beers (we have a choice of more than 1500 (!) old-traditional brewed Belgian beers!), and so on.
We must not forget to mention the things children like: sea, sand, the dolphinarium, amusement parks, boat trip on the canals, and so on.
BRUGGE was chosen, in 1998, by the British readers of The Sunday Times as the second most enjoyable city in the world with 97.2 % (first was Sydney with 98.6 % Paris ‘only’ had 82.8 %).
One of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in Western Europe, with its beguinage, that is one of the 200 UNESCO patrimonies of the world, and the whole inner city is now on that infamous list (including the pyramids of Gizeh, the Acropolis in Athens...) too since Nov 2000.
It won prices as one of the cleanest towns in Europe. In summer, we have "Festival of Flanders" with Musica Antiqua,... as well as festivals with pop, rock, blues, world and other kinds of music.
 Once a hanseatic world market, Now the source of the Flemish Art and unique in Europe:
With its entire inner city classified as world heritage,
Bruges is a lively city but a city for people,
where it is nice to wander in an almost immaculate environment.
In Bruges you do not have to do anything.
In Bruges you can do almost everything.
Bruges is unique, loves tradition, has charm and offers tranquillity.
Bruges is a city for all seasons.

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Was wir mögen und was nicht… Dies sind unsere Wünsche und Hausregeln.

We are a couple that takes a pride in our home and will take as much care of your home. All we ask is that you respect our property the same way as you would have us take care of yours.

we always leave our guests house at least as tidy as we have found it, and obviously we expect the same from our guests.


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