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Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The beach is in front of the house
The beach is in front of the house
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The deck room overlooking the sea and the beach
The deck room overlooking the sea and the beach
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The main bedroom
The main bedroom
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The en-suite bathroom
The en-suite bathroom
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,Another bedroom on the second floor with coaches.
Another bedroom on the second floor with coaches.
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The front of the house.
The front of the house.
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,The open concept living room
The open concept living room
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,Haus Fotos, Photos, Wohnungs foto,
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,Chatting corner
Chatting corner
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,Basketball pitch and tennis court on the left
Basketball pitch and tennis court on the left
Wohnungstausch oder Haustausch in,Turkey,Izmir,Ephesus is one hour drive from home
Ephesus is one hour drive from home
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Our summer house is by the sea with a magnificient sea and garden view with some trees and flowers in it. It is in Seferihisar and very close to Urkmez which is a favourite coastal town in Izmir. It is a detached house covered with stone. It sleeps 8 people,There is a modern kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.On the top floor there is a large terrace with a beautiful sea view. The front porch and the side terrace are great to spend time enjoying the beautiful flowers in the garden and again the sea view.The neighbors are vey friendly and there are many people coming from Germany and staying there for a long time. In front of the house there is a big park with many facilities in it, a playground, a public beach with free showers, umbrellas, deckchairs. The beach has a blue flag. There are exercise facilities in the park too.
Our house is one hour away from Kusadasi National Park and Ephesus,Virgin Mary Church and Seven Sleepers and St. John Church,Selcuk


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  • Balkon
  • Geschirrspüler
  • Waschmaschine
  • ruhige Umgebung
  • schöne Aussicht
  • Privatsphäre / Abgeschlossenheit
  • Garten
  • Parkplatz kostenlos
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  • ländlich
  • am Wasser
  • Berge
  • Strand


Beschreibung unserer Nachbarschaft und Gegend

It is a quiet and well-organized neighborhood. Everything you may need in a suumer house is within easy reach.The sea is in front of you. The neighbors are hepful and understanding. There is a small shop cafe just opposite the house.You can buy bread,icecream, hamburgers,drinks,snacks etc there. At the weekends some people from Izmir come to the public beach but other days it is calm and nice. many people can speak German and English. All our exchange partners loved the area. Public transport is available, buses and minibuses frequently run on the main street which is a few minutes from the house. there are many restaurants ,cafes,open air bazaar every night and for day time once a week.One of our swappees has some suggestions for new guests:Dolmus(minibus) is easy and cheap to use , just flag down wherever you are.They have destinations written on the front window.Use them to go to the 3 km toUrkmez.Selcuk is easy to get by dolmus(1 hour),the museum is very close to the bus station.

Outdoor Aktivitäten

  • Strand
  • Radfahren
  • Tauchen
  • Fischen
  • Fitness-Studio
  • Tennis
  • Wandern
  • Fluss
  • Segeln
  • Windsurfing


  • Park/Spielplätze
  • Cafés
  • Fitness-Studio
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

Kulturelle Aktivitäten

  • Konzerte

Nahe öffentlicher Verkehrsmittel

  • Bus


  • Bäckerei
  • Kiosk
  • Supermarket


Das sollten Sie sehen oder unternehmen, während Ihrem Tausch bei uns

As I wrote before one of our guests has some suggestions to save other swappees a few days orientation. The bakery is great and parallel to the house on the main road..The small restaurant (Yildirim Pide Salonu) a little further up the road is lovely for simple food. The easiest supermarket Tansas, is simply got to by going out of the house towards the sea, turning left and walking to the end of the car park, then left to the main street and right a small way down the street. In Selcuk there is a great market on Saturday right into the evening. Lunch is really good at the Boomerang Garden Restaurant. Day trips from Selcuk from Selcuk include Ephesus (EFES),Sirince. Selcuk is a transport hub, you can take trips to Pamukkale (Melrose house hotel is good to stay there) Stay for a few days, there are lots to see there with Hieropolis and day trips to Aphrodisias. Bus cards (for numbered large buses) can be bought in Urkmez at the Suna market.

Unsere empfohlenen Restaurants

Gute Cafes und Bars

Spezielle Plätze und Shops

  • Night bazaar at Urkmez
  • Night Bazaar near Meltemtur
  • Kemeralti Historical Bazaar,Izmir city center

Freizeit-und kulturelle Aktivitäten

  • Tennis court on the left of the house
  • Basketball pitch on the left of the house
  • Volleyball pitch on the left of the house

Spazier- oder Joggingwege

  • In front of the house there is a 5km long path by the sea

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Firstly,since it is a beach house it is very easy to bring sand with you when you are returning to the house. Please make sure that you don't bring any sand into the house and bathrooms or showers.Sand may cause blockage in the water pipes and will definitely cause trouble. Secondly some plants need to be watered regularly outside the house. There is an automatic watering system in the garden but there are some plants which can't get advantage of it. Thirdly,please turn off the air conditioning when you leave the house .


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