USA - Amelia, Fl. Northeast of Jacksonville

USA - Florida - Fernandina Beach

BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Coming in front door, ahead of you is our Big Room
Coming in front door, ahead of you is our Big Room
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Off to the left is our coffee/wine space - with TV
Off to the left is our coffee/wine space - with TV
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,A view of coffee/wine space+dining area & kitchen
A view of coffee/wine space+dining area & kitchen
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Our much-loved galley kitchen.
Our much-loved galley kitchen.
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,View frm kitchen.MBR is behind door near fireplace
View frm kitchen.MBR is behind door near fireplace
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,As you walk into master bedroom
As you walk into master bedroom
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Piano + hall to guest rooms, guest bath
Piano + hall to guest rooms, guest bath
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Guest room
Guest room
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Office/guest room.  Murphy bed at left
Office/guest room. Murphy bed at left
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,another view of ofc/guest rm. Bed on opposite wall
Another view of ofc/guest rm. Bed on opposite wall
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Front hall, 2nd office behind french doors.
Front hall, 2nd office behind french doors.
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Daybed in 2nd ofc becomes 2 twins or king. Comfy!
Daybed in 2nd ofc becomes 2 twins or king. Comfy!
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,The front of our house - with its welcoming porch!
The front of our house - with its welcoming porch!
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Ah, but look at our back veranda.  In the shade...
Ah, but look at our back veranda. In the shade...
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,More of our veranda.  In the sun this time.
More of our veranda. In the sun this time.
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Jim and I celebrating a happy occasion
Jim and I celebrating a happy occasion
BoligBytte til,United States,Fernandina Beach,Me proving I'm still mobile at 88!
Me proving I'm still mobile at 88!
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Beskrivelse af vores byttebolig

First things first. I have two cats, so if you are allergic.... aaaah, we probably would't be a good fit.

.Our home, built in 2005, is warm and welcoming -- with an open floor plan. Filled with antique, and not-so-antique furnishings.

We can accommodate 8, with a bit of a squeeze. King in master bedroom, queen in guest room, fab murphy bed in one office, comfy daybed in second office. Daybed makes into king or 2 twins.

Our covered veranda is the perfect spot to enjoy every part of every day - from morning coffee to a bedtime nightcap. Though nightcaps might bring thoughts of an alcoholic drink to mind, remember that warm milk is also considered a nightcap.< grin> The front porch is the perfect place to say hello to neighbors out walking their dogs while enjoying the afternoon sun. Or morning shade.

The little town we live in--Fernandina Beach, Florida--is the second oldest city in the country. St. Augustine, our neighbor to the South, is the oldest. Fernandina Beach is the only incorporated part of Amelia Island.

Fernandina's historic downtown (covering a 50-block area) is full of charm, gas lanterns, and Victorian homes. Even some cobblestones. And the shrimp boats which have defined our heritage for many a year are still here and serving us daily. Side by side with the charter boats (fishing and sightseeing excursion opportunities abound). There are even pelicans at the right time of year. The beaches aren't crowded. And traffic is generally a non-issue. Heaven! For more information about our island, do check

The eating opportunities also abound whether you want to try breakfast in a converted gas station, or dinner in elegant surroundings. Our current favorites are listed in the Welcome Book that you will find upon your arrival.

Meanwhile, the ocean is just a 4 minute drive over to the East side of the island. What more could anyone ask for!

For those who prefer some city lights on their holiday, downtown Jacksonville is less than 45 minutes away -- the airport only 35. And Disney World just three hours. We have Cape Canaveral (the Kennedy Space Center) to the South, Okefeenokee to the Northwest, and Savannah and Charleston to the North.

A car is needed when staying at our home. And my much beloved 2002 Honda CRV is tuned up and ready for you! Though it is 18 years old, it's in great shape. Probably because my kids are now into their 50's and too old to spill soft drinks and ice cream all over the interior.

I, also, am in great shape even though I will be 88 this year. But please don't faint or give yourself a coronary at the thought of me driving your car. If you offer a car exchange, that is. At least one of the 50+'s in the family will be traveling with me and will do all the driving when it comes to your mobile. Even though I AM a superb driver.

Jim and I completed 23 exchanges. And loved each and every one. I, just this summer, set off for my first exchange since Jim's death in 2017. An entirely different experience but a blast just the same.

I don't have any exchanges scheduled for 2020. Yet. Though I would love to go to Greece. Or Sicily. Or who knows, maybe to your country, instead. And have late April in mind for Sicily and/or Greece. By that time of year, the ocean water here is just right, and the weather warm, but not scorching. So do think of us when you are planning your spring holiday. Or holiday any other part of the year. No matter where your home is located. We're flexible regarding exchange times and places.

You will note that I have clicked the 'wheelchair accessible" and "access for the disabled" boxes under amenities. Though my home isn't wheelchair accessible from the outside, I think we can borrow/rent a ramp to make it so. There are two steps from the garage to the veranda. Those steps aren't deep enough to accommodate a wheelchair. So that is where my thinking "we can borrow/rent a ramp" comes into play. There is one step from the veranda to the inside. And I have a ramp for that step. All doors (inside and outside) are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and there are many (an abundance actually) of safety rails in the master bath. And there's plenty of floor space which doesn't have carpets on it - to make pushing a wheelchairs easier. So, let's talk if you need a wheelchair accessible exchange home!

I also clicked the "family room/play room" box. Mainly because I consider our whole house a family room/play room. Our main 30'X30' family area includes a piano, more than ample sit-around-the-fireplace space, a dining table space, and a morning room TV space. Along with 5 and a half foot long desk overlooking the garden. I'm sitting here, right now, thinking of the many evenings (after a day in the sun) there has been a couple somebodies in the kitchen cooking, others at the table eating, and a group playing cards in front of the fireplace, while some poor soul is trying to watch the news on TV as the piano is being played. The "news watcher," by the way, soon has headphones on and a laptop in front of him/her. Or takes up reading a book. Or moves to the desk where a jigsaw puzzle is spread out.


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Beskrivelse af omegn

Quiet, friendly neighborhood, within walking or biking distance of grocer, post office, druggist - and most importantly, a bookstore! Story and Song Bookshop. We have two live theatres in town, and a multitude of annual events to celebrate local and national/international musicians, artists, authors, craftspeople, antique and classical car enthusiasts - the list goes on and on.


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Hvad kan vi lide eller ikke lide. Her er vores ønsker og boligregler

Though I checked outdoor plant care needed, hopefully our irrigation system will be doing its job and there won't be any extra watering needed. At all.

Also, I much prefer exchanging with families who agree that our own cleaning persons will (at our own expense) have our houses spic and span before the exchange family arrives, and will do likewise before the we owners return. None of us needs to be pushing a hoover around or changing beds as we are trying to get off to an early morning flight.


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